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周慧珺 行书:刘长卿《寻南溪常道士》

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周慧珺 行书:刘长卿《寻南溪常道士》








【Simple Translation】

  The poem is about the unsuccessful search for a hermit, but the poem is about other interests and the beauty of “Zen meaning”. The structure of the poem is tight and compact, and the theme is tightly held in layers.

  The poem is entitled “Seeking”, from which the first two stanzas “seek” all the way to the hermit’s abode. The neck line is about the absence of the hermit, and it is interesting to see the pine and search for the source. The last line is about “the flowers in the stream are blooming on their own” and the “realization” of the inaction of Zen theory.

  ”The one who speaks is the one who cares, and the one who gets the idea and forgets the words.” The meaning of the poem lies in the blending of emotions and scenery, and the relative forgetfulness of words.

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