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mù nèi tú wài 睦内图外

Unity Within and Expansion Without


Only when a country has accomplished unity within can it be able to consider expansion and development outside. “Unity within” means that people live in amity and are united as one. “Expansion without” originally meant to start a war against a neighboring state. Now it is used to mean external development in order to gain more benefit. Sound internal development and unity in a country are prerequisites and guarantee for external development. This is applicable to a country, an enterprise, an organization, or a family. It demonstrates that the Chinese people set great store on their internal development and uphold the principle of peace.

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As an official, one must try to accomplish internal unity before thinking of external expansion. If he fails to do so, internal rifts and conflicts are inevitable. Why not pursue internal unity first? (Discourses on Governance of the States)

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