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费新我 行书:王维《杂诗三首》(其三)

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费新我 行书:王维《杂诗三首》(其三)







【Simple Translation】

  The poem is about the words of a thinking woman who writes back to her husband.

  The three poems have a certain meaningful connection with each other. They all use verbal language to write a kind of lingering and deep emotion, either expressing the heart directly or sending a message to something, without any elaboration. As the Song dynasty’s Liu Chen-weng said in his “Commentary on the Poems of Wang Meng”, “All three poems contain emotions in the lightness.”

  The progression of time and weather deepens the emotion of the main character. The line “I have seen the cold plum blossom” echoes the previous poem’s question about the blossoming of the cold plum. This line is the heroine’s disappointment and deep resentment. Because of the wasted time, she cannot fulfill her promise as expected. At this time, in the heroine’s eyes, the cold plum blossoms have changed from the light of hope to the color of disillusionment. Not only that. It is the symbol of youth, love, spring, thriving spring, has also undergone a qualitative change. Plum blossoms, early spring has passed. The birds are chirping, and the middle of spring has flown away. Now it is the twilight spring when the grass grows. As the season progresses, the heroine’s mood changes from boredom to melancholy all day long, so much so that she sees flowers and tears and is sad to see the moon. In the past, she felt that one day passed, one day closer to the realization of her good wishes. Now it is completely the opposite mentality: the faster time passes, the more complete the disillusionment, like a river under the sun, there is no way. At this point, birdsong and spring grass become the antagonists of the hero’s emotions. The poet says that the heroine is “looking at the spring grass” with a heart full of sorrow, and she can’t help but be frightened when she sees that the spring grass is getting more and more luxuriant and is about to reach the front of the stairs.

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