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With the development of China, an increasing number of international students choose to study in China. Thanks to the relief of COVID-19 situation, now international students can find more ways to grab their study-in-China opportunity. In this article we will introduce some tips about what to pay attention to and what to prepare if you want to study in China.

Before Application

How to Choose the University that Suits You the Most

Firstly you should make sure what you want to study and decide which major to choose. Once the admission is ready it won’t be easy to switch to another major.

Secondly choose the city you want to study in. There are over 600 cities in China and all have their own characteristics and procedures about applications, visas, regulations, etc. Make sure to do some research about Chinese cities before the application.

Thirdly evaluate your GPA and academic performance of your last study period. If your GPA is apparently not reaching their requirement, it may be difficult to be admitted with a good scholarship offer. Select the university with the grade requirement that suits your the best.

During Application

Necessary Documents for Application

   1. Valid Passport (valid for at least 1 year)2. Passport Photo

3. Transcript of your last study period (Original copy+ English or Chinese translated copy)

4. Highest diploma of your last study period (Original copy+ English or Chinese translated copy)

5. Foreign physical examination form (valid for at least 6 months)

6. No-criminal record (valid for at least 6 months)

7. Application form

8. Current residence permit (If currently in China)


Additional documents to prepare

For Bachelor:

Language Proof certificate (Chinese or English depending on which language-taught medium)


For Master & PHD:

1. Language Proof certificate (Chinese or English depending on which language-taught medium)

2. Study Plan (at least 800 words)

3. 2 recommendation letters from your previous school

Possible Additional documents to prepare

1. CV

2. Personal Statement

3. Bank Statement

4. University Application form (Scholarship Application form)

5. Other documents target university may require


If informed of any problems with the documents should make corrections in time. The sooner the better.

After Application

If Successfully Admitted

   1. Make sure all the fees are paid correctly and report on campus according to the time schedule university informed.

2. Keep your JW202 and official admission well for entering campus and residence permit making.


                                        If  Failed

1. Any Questions for the application result can contact the teachers for details.

2. If still want to apply, students now in China should consider the remaining valid period of their visa to decide whether to apply for another university, or apply another program or not (EDUPRCHINA can help apply for another university for free). If visa is going to expire soon should extend the visa first.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If failed the application or didn’t pay up all the fees related, applicants are not allowed to enter the university campus directly without permission!

Finally Welcome all our international friends to come to China for International study! We hope to see you soon!

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