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If you are a foreigner, you can’t speak Chinese, but you want to study in China. you must be worried about whether you can come to China to study. You will certainly want to ask: Can all Chinese universities teachers speak English? Today this article will give you an answer to this question.


In China, English is a required course, and most people know a little. However, due to China’s education system, Chinese students pay more attention to their English test abilities, such as listening, reading, and writing. Therefore, there are still relatively few Chinese who can communicate with foreigners in oral English without barriers.


China university class


However, In China universities, the teachers who teach international students must speak English. Most of them are foreign teachers, and there will be some Chinese teachers. International students’ classes in China are divided into classes taught in English and Chinese. If classes are taught in English, then the teacher’s English must be very good, and communication with students should be barrier-free.


Teachers who teach in Chinese must also speak English because most international students are not so good at Chinese, so if the teacher speaks both Chinese and English, it is also helpful for class teaching. As for the other teachers, they must know a little English, but whether they can understand you and communicate with you is not certain.


Seeing this, do you breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that since the teachers you meet can speak English, you can go to school in China without learning Chinese.


Actually, if you study in China, but you don’t know Chinese at all, you will definitely encounter many difficulties in your study abroad life. Because even if a Chinese teacher can speak English, he is also a Chinese way of thinking and language habits, so when you communicate with each other, there will definitely be some ambiguities.


Moreover, if you live in China, whether you are going out to play, eat or shop, if you do not speak Chinese and only rely on translators, then your life in China will definitely cause a lot of inconveniences.


What’s more, you have come to live in China, facing a brand new language like Chinese, don’t you want to learn it? However, there are many foreigners who like Chinese very much. The purpose of coming to China is to learn Chinese, so now you have such a language environment, I believe you will learn Chinese very fast.


Even if you only learn simple Chinese and can only communicate with Chinese people simply, then you will find that your life in China will be much easier.


Next, I will teach you some tips for learning Chinese.

foreigners learn Chinese


1. The easiest, fastest, and most effective way is to find a Chinese friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend. You will have a lot of time to communicate with Chinese people every day. If you have Chinese people teaching you to learn Chinese, your progress will be very fast.


2. Learn from basic Pinyin first and learn every Chinese letter well, so that you can communicate with Chinese people simply even if you can’t write Chinese characters.


3. Usually, you can read more short texts with Pinyin, try spelling, literacy, memorizing more phrases, and fixed collocations.


4. Listen to some simple Chinese songs, or you can watch some Chinese TV plays to learn Chinese.


5. Speak more, practice, and communicate with Chinese students. All foreigners who learn Chinese well are brave enough to speak Chinese. If you can speak Chinese for six hours a day, you can make great progress in a month.


6. If you think you have learned Chinese very good, you should go to pass the HSK exam, which is the Chinese Language Test. It will help you get more convenience in your study life or work life in China.

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