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Chief Chao (趙傳) – 我是一只小小鸟 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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Country: Taiwan
Genre: Pop, Pop-Rock
Original spelling: 趙傳 | Chao Chuan | 赵传
Wiki: https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-cn/趙傳





世界是如此的小 我们注定无处可逃
当我尝尽人情冷暖 当你决定为了你的理想燃烧

English #1 – I Am a Little Bird

Sometimes I think I’m like a little bird
Wanting to fly, but unable to fly high no matter how hard it tries
Maybe someday I’ll land on a branch, but become a hunter’s target
When I reached the sky, I realized that from now on there’s no one to rely on

Every time the quiet of the night descends I can’t fall asleep
I feel like maybe it’s just my tomorrow that isn’t getting better
Who knows what the future will hold?
I’ll never know for sure if happiness is just a kind of legend

I am a little, little bird
Wanting to fly and fly, yet can’t fly high at all
I’m looking for, looking for, a warm embrace
Is this too much to ask for?

All the people who know my name, are you doing well?
The world is so small, our destiny is something inescapable
Once I’ve been through all the coldness and warmth of humanity, once you decide to burn for your passion
The pressure of living or honor in life, which one is more important?

Submitted by altrvistic

English #2 – I’m a little little bird

Sometimes I feel like a little bird, I want to fly in any case I can’t fly higher as an eagle.
maybe someday I perched on the branch have become the target for Hunter.
I Fly up to the sky found myself friendless and helpless.

Deep in the quiet night, sleepless are my eyes.
I can’t help wonder why my tomorrow never been better.
Who knows the future would be like,
Whether happiness a legend I’ll never have a clue.

I’m a little little bird,I want to fly, high up to the sky but i’m no way fly higher.
Looking and searching for a warm tender hug.
What I’m requesting is not too much.

Those who know my name, are you feeling well.
The world is too narrow for me to escape.
Warm heart, cold heart, when I feel all the hearts. Fantasy,ideality when you making up your mind.
So tell me which is serious, a life or a dignity.

Submitted by wuhuahua089

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Chief Chao
Chief Chao
Chao Chuan, known sometimes as "Chief" Chao, is a Taiwanese pop singer. His breakthrough came with the song "I'm Ugly, but I'm Tender" which was a giant hit in mainland China in 1988. His next major hit was "I'm Just a Little Bird". Wikipedia


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