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Every day I received lot of messages, most of them asking how to apply for a scholarship in China.
Since Last year we arranged several online sessions in a Facebook group Scholarship Network for Pakistani students about study and life in China. That group is really useful for students applying abroad. Comprising of hundred and thousands of members, it provides a platform where you can discuss all your educational issues with other students and experts in the field. Even later I wrote several articles in Urdu in Express and Daleel, guiding the students about scholarship application process in China. But it was really difficult for me to manage the time and answering the same questions every time. I badly needed a document that I can send to any one asking about application procedure. Although one of my friends here at Tsinghua, Engineer Sajid Chaudhary edited one but that was only limited to the application process. I started the document with the question why one should choose to study in China. When ever someone starts talking about China we always think of some low-quality substandard things connecting them with low quality education but life in
China is really very different and things are changing at very rapid pace. For a student, visiting
China to get a degree it should be very clear in his mind that he is joining the right place. Scholarship Application process is rather simple but I have seen lot of brilliant students able to get scholarship very easily on their own are visiting the consultant and paying the huge amount of fee.
On the other hand, lot of talented but poor students can’t afford this so they even don’t try in most cases. The actual thing is most of excellent universities and one of the most prominent funding agencies CSC in China don’t operate through the consultants at MS and PhD level. So, if you try by yourself you can save a lot of money. But how? Another thing is document preparation, which documents we need and how to manage all that stuff. Specially writing the mails to professor, making a CV and writing a research proposal. Students make mistakes here. Lot of stuff in English language is available about all these problems. What I have done is just combine all that material at one place and edited where necessary according to the need of Pakistani Students. Still lot of things are missing. For example, I should add more in frequently asked question section. But due to limited time I was unable to add at this moment. I will keep updating this and of course, with all your suggestions and comments, I hope we can improve this document making it more understandable and helpful in guiding the students through all this process.
While Copying the data I haven’t copied the whole article from one web source Instead two, three different sources have been used. I have given the links at the end of each section. If you want to read in detail please visit the original websites. Also, you can join the group Scholarship Network to remain update about the process. We have another group for Career Counselling, if you are facing any issue in your education you can discuss here. We are also managing the NAYS China Chapter. I wish you all a successful career. Remember me in your prayers.

Kamran Amin
CAS, Key Laboratory of Nano Systems and Hierarchical Fabrication, CAS Center of Excellence in Nanoscience and Technology, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology,
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
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