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Full Scholarship with Stipend

The university is located in Taiyuan, Shanxi province. It is a city with 2,500 years of recorded history.

As the provincial capital of Shanxi, Taiyuan is the transit and transfer point for many tourists who are traveling onwards to other parts of Shanxi. The Jinci Temple Complex is a must-see when visiting Taiyuan, where a variety of thousand-year-old buildings and colorful clay statues still stand today. Once you’ve returned downtown, have a taste of the local noodles. They are delicious and made fresh by the locals. Noodles are forever the primary staple food for the residents of Taiyuan. Dalu Noodles, Sliced Noodles, Cat’s Ear Noodles, there are many different types of noodles, more than you can even imagine, and all of them are delicious. Try adding some vinegar like the locals do.

High Success Rate Scholarship

The university offers hot bachelor scholarship for 2023 Autumn Intake, the success rate is almost 100%! Fast pre-dmission comes in 1 week.

The program is both for students in China and overseas. If student is not in China, students can apply for a visa to come China.


  1. International Chinese Education
  2. Computer Science and Technology
  3. International Economics and Trade

Tuition after scholarship:

0 Dorm after scholarship: 0

Stipend: 800-1500 RMB/Year

Age: 18-25

Teaching Language: Chinese

If you have HSK4, you can apply for the bachelor schoalrship directly. If you don’t have HSK4, you can take 1 year Chinese language program at frist.

Fee during Chinese Langauge Study:

4800 for online courses

4000 for students in China

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