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How a Wise Man Sees It ~ 罗为辉《智者的眼睛》with English Translations

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How a Wise Man Sees It
A man recognized as a genius in business circles was invited as a guest of honor to a TV interview. Everybody was eager to hear a success story from him. He, however, only said with a slight smile: “Wouldn’t it be better for me to ask you for advice on a certain problem?” Here is the problem he raised:
People all rushed to the place where a gold mine had recently been discovered, but they were blocked by a river flowing across the only way to it. What would you do if you were among them?
“Make a roundabout way,” someone suggested. “Swim across,” said another. The genius smiled without a word. Eventually he gave his view: “Why not do something else instead of rushing to the mine? How about buying a boat to do some ferrying?”
The audience was shocked. He explained calmly: “The man could extort money from the passengers to the greatest extent. They would have been willing to pay because there was gold on the other bank.”
Do what others would not like to do or do something never attempted before by others — that is the key to success. A straitened circumstance, in the eyes of a wise man, often means a potential chance for success.

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