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1. General data of Pakistan students studying in China

According to the data released by Islamabad on April 14, 2019, there are more than 28000 Pakistan students studying in China, ranking third in the number of students sent to China.

According to the Latin American news agency on April 14, 2019, official data show that China has become one of the main destinations for Pakistan students to study abroad. According to Pakistani media reports, more than 7000 Pakistan students studying in Chinese universities have scholarships.

China’s one belt, one road initiative, and the flagship project, the “China and Pakistan economic corridor”, are offering a series of preferential policies.

Pakistan students are studying Chinese, engineering, medical, information, and other fields in China.


2.Situation of Pakistan students study in China

Because many Pakistani students only began to learn Chinese after they came to China, they all felt it was difficult, so the biggest difficulty after they came to China was the language barrier. They seldom go out to play and often study in the dormitory or play ball games. Many Pakistani students like to play football.

Most students in Pakistan Study subject is Chinese. Someone study other majors, such as business administration and medicine. In addition, Pakistani students especially yearn for Chinese culture. Some of them will learn Chinese tea art, food culture, Kung Fu, and so on.

Raja, a Pakistani student studying in the Department of automation at Tsinghua University, believes that he has a reason to come: Chinese Kung Fu. “In our country, almost everyone knows about Chinese martial arts films,” he said. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li, they’re all great! “. Raja has seen countless Hong Kong action movies. For a time, he thought that every Chinese could do martial arts. When he came to China, the first thing he learned was Chinese martial arts. He practiced martial arts with his predecessors, twice a week without interruption.

After coming to China, many Pakistani students were surprised and envied by China’s high-speed rail technology, highway construction, and the speed of China’s modernization development. Pakistani students said that they have seen some technologies they have never been exposed to in China, which is very rare for them.


3.Special welfare treatment for Pakistan students

Chinese government’s scholarship to Pakistani students. It is a scholarship provided by the government for Pakistani students. The full amount of scholarship is provided according to your province or your location in China. Governments in major cities provide opportunities for international students, especially those from the Asian continent where Pakistan is located.

According to records, every year, more than 1000 Pakistani students are granted the opportunity to study in China’s top universities by the Chinese government.

Here, we list the excellent scholarship of the Chinese government in 2021:

1.Guangxi government scholarship

2.Hubei Provincial scholarship

3.Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship

4.Mayor scholarship of Chongqing Municipal Government

5.Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship

6.Shanghai government scholarship

7.Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship

8.Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarship

9.Scholarships provided by Anhui provincial government for international students

10.Chinese government scholarship – Chinese University Program


4.Why do Pakistan students choose to study in China

With the deepening of economic and cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan, more and more Pakistani students choose to study in China.

At present, the total number of Pakistani students studying in China is about 22000. As early as 2017, Pakistan has become the third-largest source country of students studying in China.

In response, China China’s one belt, one road face-to-face program, Sheikh Muhamad Sharic, chief representative of Pakistan National Bank, said “that China has many world-renowned universities, and its education level is very high.

In addition, the Chinese government has provided scholarships to Pakistan in recent years, attracting many students from Pakistan to study abroad. Many Pakistanis regard China as their second hometown, and the first choice for studying abroad is also China. ”

There are many reasons for this:

1, the cost of studying in China is much cheaper than those in developed countries such as Europe and Japan.

Moreover, many Chinese universities have specially provided special scholarship programs for international students. If you have excellent results, you can also get the opportunity to reduce tuition fees. This condition seems very attractive.


2, as we all know, China has a vast territory and abundant tourism resources.

In addition, in the past 10 years, China has become more and more open to foreign tourists, which means that the choice of international students is increasing, and their footprints can be farther.


3, China’s economic development speed is well-known in the world, and international students after graduation also have good career opportunities in China.


4, with China’s investment in higher education, the reputation of Chinese universities in the world is also increasing year by year. The software and hardware conditions of education are quite good.


5, China has a secure social environment. For those who have experienced danger and turbulence, peace is precious. Many foreign friends who have been to China have expressed their love for this safe and convenient country. Compared with the internal unrest in many countries, China’s safe social environment undoubtedly provides a strong reassurance for international students.


6, Pakistan is China’s friendly cooperative partner and a good neighbor. China is no stranger to the Pakistani people. In recent years, China has helped Pakistan in many aspects “Made in China” plays an important role in Pakistan’s economic construction. Therefore, studying in China is conducive to cultural exchanges and further cooperation and development between the two countries.


5.Some points for attention in the application

Studying in China is the same as studying in other countries in the world. An international student needs to visit the website of the university/department which he/she wants to apply for, and understand the requirements and qualifications, and then begin to prepare the materials.

The basic materials for application:

  • Application form

  • Highest degree certification and transcript

  • Reference letter

  • Study plan


If any specific material is needed, please prepare and submit such documents according to the school’s requirements.

After completing your application procedure, you can go on applying for a scholarship. For more information, please read the “Scholarship Guide” column of this website.

If you have completed the aforesaid procedures, please be patient and wait for the result. If you want to know the result of a scholarship application, please contact the relevant department.


What do I need to do if I am already admitted to a Chinese college or university?

When you receive the admission notice, you should start preparing for the following aspects before coming to China:

A.Go to the local Chinese embassy to apply for a study visa

Please make sure to apply for a study visa (X visa) for studying in China. The X1 visa is a long-term convertible visa and must be converted into a residence permit within 30 days after entering China.

The X2 visa is a short-term non-convertible visa. A holder of such a visa is only allowed to go to China and back once and stay in China for 180 days at most. Therefore, if you will study in China for more than 180 days, you need to apply for an X1 visa (residence permit); if less than 180 days, you need to apply for an X2 visa.


The materials for visa application usually include:

One original and one photocopy of passport (Please make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months and has blank visa pages.)

One original and one photocopy of the Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (JW 201 or JW 202)

One original and one photocopy of the Admission Notice issued by the Chinese college/university


For more details, please visit the following website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China:

China Consular Service:

*An international student must hold a Study Visa (X visa). If a Tourist visa ( L Visa) holder wants to convert it to a study visa after he/she enters the country, he/she may be required to re-enter after leaving China. Therefore, this practice is not recommended.


B. Read Admission Notice carefully and contact your school timely

Admission Notice usually contains admission information such as major, duration of studies, and language used in teaching, and registration information such as time, place, and materials needed for freshman registration.

*Freshmen are encouraged to confirm their accommodation arrangement with the school in advance, so as to avoid the situation of being unable to stay in the dorm due to room shortage. The usual ways to contact the school are email and telephone.

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