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How foreign students apply for Chinese university

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The ways that foreign students apply for Chinese university are almost the same with ones which are commonly used in global international students flow.
1. Apply through agent
Agents in student’s own countries
Students can contact legal agents in their own country through approaches such as networks or advertisements and so on of these kinds, and ask them to help apply for Chinese universities by paying a certain amount of fees, including registration fee of the university and service charge.
It will be easier in communication due to speaking the same language and living in the same place.
The agents may be not clear enough about information of Chinese universities; and charges comparably higher fees.
Agents in China
The students can find legal agents in China through internet or friends recommendations, and ask them to help you apply for Chinese universities by paying a certain amount of fees, including registration fee of the university and service charge.
The agents know more about Chinese universities and cities so they can provide students with specific information, while they charge less than that of the agents in students’ own countries
There will be some barriers existed in communication due to time, and the language spoken is not the mother language of the students.
2. Apply by students themselves
Go to the university and apply by students themselves
Students can go to the university and submit the application in accord with requirements on university’s official website by themselves after getting application documents ready. So they can look around the university, get familiar with university campus directly and experience the atmosphere of the university. While the disadvantage is that it can waste too much of your time This kind of approach is more suitable for international students who have been living in China.
Fax or mail the application documents to university by students themselves
The students submit the documents in accord with requirements on university official website to the international students admission office of the university through fax or mail. This kind of application is easy to cause the application documents lost or damaged, also it costs lots of time, so usually it is not recommended.
Appoint friends in the university to submit application.
The students can submit their applications with a help of their friends who are studying in the university, since they are students of the university, they will be clearer about the documents required, office location and responsible person.
Apply online on university official website (part of universities)
So far part of Chinese universities provides online application system, students can submit their application online after fill in the necessary information, also they can track the admission processing and result.
3. Intercollegiate exchange (Exchange students)

According to the exchange agreement between Chinese universities and overseas universities, students can be sent to study, explore and research in each university majored in same field as exchange students. Exchange students can choose to study in the universities that have academic connection with the current ones in which they are studying, about the details, the universities will make relevant decision.

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