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Hua Chenyu (华晨宇)- 虚幻与现实 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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做 讨厌潮汐 的稚童
祈祷月球 失踪
昼夜辗转 到失重
床垫塌陷 成黑洞
一望无际 多迷人

在 粉墨自我 的时空
赤裸才更 庄重
但世界一 派从容
浓妆艳抹 是天生
也许不止 一个人

到卑劣地 伪装
再坦然地 接受
多少人曾 幻想 被拯救

在华丽的 梦乡
但无眠的 时候
徒 留一个 空洞在胸口

梦会枯 毕竟夜有 尽头
醒来后 开怀享受 腐朽
每天都 有个我化 作 乌 有
提醒着 那些洗礼 那几句问候
那份温柔 没作伪

看 这里鲜花盛开 草木从不会枯萎
看 不如赠你几朵 遮一遮丑陋
任何蛮荒之地 能与这桃源媲美
也绝不存在满身泥泞 仓皇的野兽

生来纯洁完美 心底从不染漆黑
才 成为光芒四射 真挚的歌手
任何人能看清 那株灿烂的花蕊
也应该放声歌颂赞美 鲜红的玫瑰

梦未枯 就算夜有 尽头
醒来后 开怀享受 所有
那坚守 某一刻化 作 乌 有
却还有 那些洗礼 那几句问候

English #1 – Illusion and Reality

Like a child who doesn’t like the tides,
I pray the moon will disappear
I toss and turn day and night feeling as if I’m floating
My bed melts into a black hole
So boundless and mesmerizing

Personas are augmented with heavy makeup in this dimension
The nakedness of our true selves deserves more respect
But this world doesn’t seem to care at all
Perhaps some people are born with heavy makeup,
and they number more than a few

Whether nobly
or despicably they pretend,
calmly accepting this illusion,
claiming many others have also dreamed of the same salvation

Our hearts are full
in this glorious dream
When sleep eludes us
only an empty hole remains in our chest

Dreams fade since, after all, nights do end
Upon waking, enjoy the rot and decay without guilt
There is a me that vanishes without a trace every day
Its destruction reminds me that those acts of baptism, those words,
and that kindness are certainly the real thing

“Look, flowers here are in full bloom, and the foliage never fades”
“Look, why don’t you pick a few flowers, and disguise some of your ugliness”
Never ever
can any barren land compare to this utopia
Never have any filthy and frightened beasts existed in this place

Countless people,
are born with pureness and perfection, darkness will never exist in their hearts
Those qualities allow them to become radiant and sincere singers
Even if they aren’t born perfect
as long as they catch sight of that splendid flower over there
they should all sing its praises loudly, “What a bright red rose!”

Dreams won’t fade even though night must end
In the waking hours, enjoy the world as it is to your heart’s content
My fortified ideals may all turn to dust someday
There are still those acts of baptism, those words,
and that kindness
that a me will be saved by

Submitted by Experience Hua Chenyu

English #2 – Illusion and Reality

As a naive child who hates the ebbs and flows of tides
I pray for the moon to disappear
Tossing and turning incessantly till I’m weightless
The mattress crumbles into a black hole
Look at the endless space, how charming it is

In a spacetime of self-disguise
Exposing oneself is more respectful
Yet, the world continues undisturbed —
Putting on caky makeup is ingrained
There may be more than one person

Who are so “noble” that they use abject disguises
Then they easily accept
the crowd’s salvation fantasies

Growing wildly in a gorgeous dreamland
Yet, in times of sleeplessness
It only leaves an empty hole in my chest

Dreams will wilt
because night will eventually end
After waking up, I indulge in the decay
Every day, a side of me varnishes
Reminding me that those purifications, those few greetings, and the tenderness
were not pretentious

Look here, the flowers are blooming
The greenery will never wilt
I might as well give you a few flowers to cover up the ugliness
Never has there been a wildland
which is comparable to this paradise
where any muddy and frightened beasts could ever exist

How many people were born with pure goodness
and hearts that were never stained by darkness
Then they can become radiant and genuine singers
Even if nobody can clearly see that splendid stamen
Yet they shall still loudly sing praises to that bright red rose

The dream has not wilted
even if the night will end
Once awake, enjoy everything wholeheartedly
That guard was let down at some point in time
Yet, those purifications, those few greetings, and that tenderness still remained
which redeemed a certain side of me

Submitted by 華晨宇海外翻譯推廣 Hua Chenyu English Subs

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Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu is a Chinese Pop singer and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition for his music talent, strong vocal ability and stage performance after participating in Singer 2018. Wikipedia


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