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张静初 Jingchu Zhang – Photo Gallery Wallpaper

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性别: 女
星座: 水瓶座
出生日期: 1980年02月02日
出生地: 中国,福建,永安
职业: 演员 / 制片人 / 编剧
更多外文名: Zhang Jing Chu / Zhang Jingchu
更多中文名: 张静(原名)

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Zhang Jingchu is a Chinese actress. After graduating from junior high school, Zhang Jingchu was admitted to the art class of Fuzhou Art Normal School. After graduation, Zhang Jingchu worked in Fujian Southeast TV Station for a period of time, and later decided to go to Beijing to develop, becoming a “Northern Drift”.
After arriving in Beijing, Zhang Jingchu was going to be admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts, but the fierce competition made him find that his level was not enough. After that, she was discovered by the star scouts and took some advertisements. In 1997, she was admitted to the Grade 97 Associate Class of the Director Department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 1999, Zhang Jingchu graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. During this time, she also took many TV plays and advertisements, but she has been unknown. So she changed her name to Zhang Jingchu, hoping for good luck.
In 2003, she introduced herself to the film Peacock crew and was finally selected by Gu Changwei to play the role of “sister”. Six years of “Beipiao” life finally ushered in results. After the film Peacock was released in 2005, it won the Silver Bear Award of the 55th Berlin Film Festival Jury, which made Zhang Jingchu famous. Her previous hard work has yielded results. Her fluent English enables her to accept interviews with any foreign media without translation.

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