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Lu Yu: Climb the Nixian Terrace

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Climb the Nixian Terrace

登 拟 岘 台
层 台 缥 缈 压 城 垔
倚 仗 来 观 浩 荡 春。
放 尽 樽 前 千 里 目
洗 空 衣 上 十 年 尘。
萦 回 水 抱 中 和 气
平 远 山 如 酝 藉 人。
更 喜 机 心 无 复 在
沙 边 鸥 鹭 亦 相 亲。
Deng Ni Xian Tai

Ceng tai piao miao ya cheng yin
Yi zhang lai guan hao dang chun.
Fang jin zun qian qian li mu
Xi kong yi shang shi nian chen.

Ying hui shui bao zhong he qi
Ping yuan shan ru yun ji ren.
Geng xi ji xi wu fu zai
Sha bian ou lu yi xiang qin.


Climb the Nixian Terrace

Overlapping terraces misty and elusive upon the city wall gate tower
Leaning on a cane, I arrive to take in the expansive spring scenery.
Let go of the wine vessels, see things with a massive clarity
Clean totally the ten years of dust from my clothes.

Twisted water in circles, I now cherish core harmony and courtesy
Peaceful distant mountains like my new relationships with people.
Happy to exist within the joys of heart-mind without the deceptions of conniving
Then seagulls and egrets on the sandy riverbank will treat you like kin.



Yin: The last Chinese character for line one is so ancient that it cannot be brought up from the Microsoft software I use. Instead, I inserted the closest proximity. Think of the character used above placed inside the men (门) character, which means gate, and the we may have the original.

Seventh line refers to a story credited to Zhuangzi. One man was often followed by many birds. Another man asks him to walk by his house so he too can enjoy their company. The next day, the birds do not follow this first man over to the other’s house because they sense his conniving plans.

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