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For sure a journey of thousand miles starts with one stage. My journey to China started in May 2011. I shouted out of happiness when I got an official grant from Nanjing University to pursue my postgraduate education in China. I have a clear memory of when I originally showed up at the Shanghai Pudong Air terminal. It was extremely challenging for me to find my bearings at the air terminal since I had not mastered the Chinese language at that time. All I knew about Chinese were the basic phrases but at least, I could know when one is not getting what I say as I could hear them answer me, “Shenma” for most things I attempted to speak in Chinese. Thank God I knew the meaning of Shenma. Thankfully, I met one Chinese young lady who could communicate in English and later turned into my most memorable Chinese companion and it turned out to be a major help for me as I was tired of the Shenma reply in most of my utterances. She helped me through every one of the customs at the air terminal and directed me to the right way. I was heartily invited by the volunteers from Nanjing University and I felt at home immediately. It was a snapshot of joy. They were extremely kind and aided me in many ways. I found the climate outside the air terminal cold as compared with my country Kenya. As we were drawing nearer to the foundation, it was all green with vegetation, delightful grasses, and brilliant blossoms in every corner. It was an exceptionally interesting sight, seeing such plant life.

I strived hard to gain proficiency in the Chinese language as this was the only way to ensure my survival in China. So during my most memorable semester, I did my HSK I test and afterward HSK II. To my surprise, I passed marvelously and was delighted to be able to communicate in the fundamental Chinese language. I’m grateful to my Chinese instructors as they were exceptionally generous instructors and could guide me with their original capacity and dedication. They ensured that doing my fifth semester, I had finished practically all necessities like coursework, HSK, and SCI distribution prerequisites. It became simpler to have the order of the Chinese language which assisted me to become familiar with Chinese superb culture and experiences.

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The reason why I opted to pursue my higher study from China is not a single one, there are so many reasons. I had chosen China for my higher studies because China is an education-friendly country and promotes higher education in every possible manner without discrimination of race, religion, and gender. It provides qualified experienced faculty, excellent laboratory facilities, and an environment for exceptional research work. My university looked like a city and at any given time it was fully crowded. By then, more than 40000 students were studying there from different regions of China. Honestly, I never felt alone or bored there because of the different activities organized by Chinese students and various organizations. It was a place with people from all over the globe who represented a diversity of cultures. Another reason is that China and Kenya have very good interrelations, so I felt safe and at home.

Chinese Government up to date supports Kenya and being Kenyan, I got a lot of regard and care from the administration. The connection was amazing. With my distinction, I finished my studies there, with a major in Human Resources at the School of Science. I remember being guided by overall quite agreeable instructors who figured out our concerns and offered me great pieces of guidance like my senior relatives. All other educators in the school were very helpful to me and gave me an amicable climate to thrive in China.

Life in China was illuminating. I discovered that China offers the most focused education as compared to any that I ever experienced in my entire studies. They were very time cognizant and had a culture of dependability. They had the highest regard for their separate educators and never whined when a period surpassed or in any event. They could have just a ten-minute break in the middle. I also realized that the Chinese people had an interesting working society; focused, a conciliatory soul of enthusiasm for collective public objectives and finishing projects well early. I once took part in Chinese life due to their exceptional exercises and participated in their sports, workout, recreation center, visits, and parties.

In the first month of my arrival in China, I encountered Chinese drama, and one of my companions cordially invited me to be a member to watch Chinese culture. It was extremely phenomenal and various shows were introduced on the stage. From that day, I chose not to miss any Chinese social movements and celebrations.

Various celebrations are commended by Chinese individuals consistently. Chinese spring celebrations were equally celebrated in the college and we made various decorations, and other food things alongside the action of paper cutting, sending red bundles to one another. Also, one of my Chinese companions invited me to her home for a spring celebration requesting that I meet all her relatives. With the practices and social movements they held, I realized that they spent a lot of money to make Chinese dishes and give red parcels to youngsters. It differed greatly from my Kenyan culture and was indeed adventurous with my new involvement with China. I live to remember the delightful celebrations. Similarly, on the 5th of February Chinese New Year, and New Year’s Eve, I saw the vivid easing up of fireworks, and on the primary day of the New Year, it was a snapshot of joy. To everybody, it meant a blissful New Year in Chinese.

I must say that the experience I got from studying in China gave me a lot of exposure and confidence as I took part in numerous exercises and activities. I always got a chance to explore new things and this enabled me to compose and publish various articles in the various China events. I also attended many scholarly gatherings of Nanjing University College which enriched me a lot in various ways. Likewise, I got engaged in numerous delightful celebrations and exercises coordinated by various groups. Also, I attended various classes to upgrade my article-writing skills which enabled me to get part times jobs in China. Additionally, I took part in social celebrations, life-building gatherings, spring celebrations, and long-distance races which improved my social life a lot. I feel pain when I could not retrieve most of the essential photos I took as they were lost when my homeland house caught fire losing everything.

This is all about my genuine story in China. To wrap things up, China is the best place any person could long to be due to the unending excellent benefits it offers.

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