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Power Station (動力火車) – 背叛情歌 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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你问我这世界 最远的地方在哪里
我将答案抛向蓝天之外 落在你心底
如果你的爱 总是逆向行驶
你说你爱我 我怎么能跟的上你

你问我这世界 最后的真爱在哪里
我把线索指向大海之外 直达我怀里
如果你的心 总是闭上耳朵
我说我爱你 你怎么能听得下去

诺言背叛诺言 刀子背叛缠绵 刺进心头我却看不见
我忘了喊痛忘了恩怨 任爱情麻木哭泣的脸
永远背叛永远 泪水背叛双眼 爱到深渊我还不改变
我宁愿相信你的欺骗 再不让我有对你去恨 的一天

English #1 – Betrayal Love Song

You ask me where the furthest place in this world is.
I threw the answer outside of the blue sky, falling into the depths of your heart.
If your love always travels backwards,
how could I follow you when you say you love me?

You ask me where the last true love is.
I point outside the ocean for clues, going through my embrace.
If your heart always closes its ears,
how could you hear it when I say “I love you”?

Promises betray promises, knives betray lingering (emotions), piercing the heart but I cannot see it.
I forget to yell, forget to forgive–letting love numb my teary face.
Forever betrays eternity, tears betray the eyes, I cannot change love in the abyss,
I would rather believe your untruths than to hate you for a day.

Submitted by Elda Mengisto

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Power Station
Power Station
A power station, also referred to as a power plant and sometimes generating station or generating plant, is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power. Power stations are generally connected to an electrical grid. Wikipedia


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