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拍摄者:陈蕾 山东师范大学外国语学院2019级研究生



摄影作品1于9月29日早(阴雨天)在图书馆附近拍摄,当时光线较弱,四周都是雾蒙蒙的,仿佛爱丽丝梦游仙境。摄影作品2于同日校门口外拍摄,当时的天空很让人惊奇。摄影作品3/4/5/6/7/8均于10月12日(晴天)拍摄,形象展示了山东师范大学的一日之变。作品3于校门口长清湖校区校门口拍摄,壮丽的云彩与气派的校门交相辉映,像是在向读者投以温暖的怀抱。作品4于长清湖附近拍摄,此时天空的云彩好比鸟儿在波光粼粼的湖面展翅翱翔,颇具诗情画意。作品5于傍晚拍摄,此时校园里已经亮起来小路灯,即将校庆的山师添了红红火火的色彩。作品6/7/8分别均是夜晚的山师,山师的夜色实在太美啦,当时脑中不自觉浮现出“Tender is the night.”(夜色温柔)来形容这美好夜色。作品6是我们的图书馆,从馆外看金碧辉煌的,气派至极。作品7是草丛上的小雕塑,我们的校徽与校训篆刻于上,在旁边电视屏幕的映射下,草丛里的落叶更添秋意。作品8即为我们的长清湖了,如此温柔的夜色,你是否也想要在湖旁的长椅上静静欣赏呢?

Work name: Good Scenery of Normal University
Photographer: Chen Lei, 2019 graduate student of School of Foreign Languages, Shandong Normal University
Location: Shandong Normal University Campus
Creation idea: Through ups and downs, every day and night, Shanshi Normal University is very poetic at every moment. This photo was taken in two times, aiming to show the readers the mountain master in a sunny and cloudy world.
Photo 1 was taken near the library in the early morning of September 29 (rainy day). The light was weak and the fog was all around, as if Alice was in a fairyland. Photo 2 was taken outside the school gate on the same day. The sky at that time was amazing. The photography works 3/4/5/6/7/8 were taken on October 12 (sunny day), which vividly demonstrated the daily changes of Shandong Normal University. Work 3 was shot at the gate of Changqing Lake Campus. The magnificent clouds and the magnificent school gate complement each other, as if they were giving a warm embrace to the readers. Work 4 was shot near Changqing Lake. At this time, the clouds in the sky are like birds soaring on the sparkling lake, which is quite poetic. Work 5 was shot in the evening. At this time, the street lamps on the campus had been lit, and the mountain master who was about to celebrate the school added a red hot color. Works 6/7/8 are all masters at night. The night of the master is really beautiful. At that time, “Tender is the night.” (tender night) came out of his mind to describe the beautiful night. Work 6 is our library. It looks magnificent and magnificent from outside. Work 7 is a small sculpture on the grass. Our school logo and school motto are carved on it. Under the reflection of the TV screen beside, the fallen leaves in the grass add more autumn. Work 8 is our Changqing Lake. Do you want to enjoy the gentle night on the bench beside the lake?

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