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学校院系:山东青年政治学院 文化传播学院广播电视学专业



拍摄地点 :山东青年政治学院


创作思路: 在山青的每一日风景都是独特的记忆,于我而言,山青的春秋则是我最喜爱的样子。“春与秋其可待续”我用自己眼睛去发现春日樱花粉色浪漫的校园,亦是春日白鹅戏水的灵动,是生机盎然绿色里奔赴教室学子的背影,是敏秀路牌被百花锦簇下的独特美感。但是在摇身一变的深秋悸动里,山青披上了金黄的颜色,“我言秋日胜春朝”也不是没有道理,在蓝天的衬托下,白云化身展翅的大鹏,金灿灿的树似被温暖包裹着…双薪楼的时钟,走在映湖路畔的学子…春秋的美好一幕幕在镜头下展现出来。山青的春秋故事仍长,就像是在时间的停摆里镌刻了我眼中最美的校园即是山青的春秋。

Entries: Spring and Autumn of Mountain Green
Author: Liu Yumei
School and Department: Shandong Youth Political College, School of Culture and Communication, Radio and Television
Instructor: Zuo Ruixue
Shooting time: 2021-2022
Location: Shandong Youth Political College
Category: Photography
Creation idea: Every day in Shanqing is a unique memory. For me, the spring and autumn of Shanqing is my favorite appearance. “Spring and autumn can be continued.” I use my eyes to discover the romantic campus with cherry blossom pink in spring, which is also the flexibility of white geese playing in the water in spring, the backs of students rushing to the classroom in vibrant green, and the unique beauty of the Minxiu road sign clustered by flowers. However, in the throb of late autumn, Shanqing was covered with golden color. “I said that autumn is better than spring” is not unreasonable. Under the blue sky, white clouds turned into rocs and golden trees seemed to be wrapped in warmth… The clock of the double salary building, the students walking along the Yinghu Road… The beautiful scenes of spring and autumn were shown under the camera. The spring and autumn stories of Shanqing are still long. It seems that the most beautiful campus in my eyes is the spring and autumn stories of Shanqing.

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