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SHIN (信)- CRY ~ lyrics + English Translation

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大喊一聲 世界就安靜
朋友都說 我強壯無敵
狂歡痛飲 一直到天明
感情的事 停不在心裡

無能為力 不出現在生命
一場電影 能一個人開心
我能痛快飛行 就算雨下不停
我能任性決定 誰最鮮豔欲滴

這華麗森林 多令人著迷
但我的日記裡 只寫下玩具

天藍藍的 像夏天的夢境
用力呼吸 是冬天的氣息

時間給的風景 最美的是回憶
我變成蒲公英 隨風去旅行

But I wanna cry
I don’t know why

English #1 – CRY

A howl of mine, the world keeps silence.
As my pals said, I am invincible.
A toss for joy, and welcome the daybreak with wine.
A love or a passion, has cast away from the heart.

Powerless, live if no longer exsist.
A nosiy movie, only one person to enjoy.
Fly high up to sky, no stormy rain can stop.
Let me make my own choice, for who is most charming.

The gorgeous forest, filled with charms.
But in my diary, only toys are written.

A bluish-blue sky, like the summer dreams.
A fresh taste of breath, only the cold of winter.

Time did form a scenery, too beautiful to recall.
I am a dandelion, having a trip with the wind.

But I wanna cry.
I don’t know why.
A heart that’s already freed.
But the eyes suddenly feel sad.

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Shin is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter and actor. He is known as the former lead singer of the rock band Shin and a Golden Melody Awards nominee for Best Mandarin Male Singer. Shin had been singing in pubs for around ten years before becoming a singer. Wikipedia


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