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The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 10 ~ Wuxia Novels & Books

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Wuji wants to avoid escaping when Hu Qingniu is in trouble. Although Hu Qingniu is eccentric by nature, he has been treating him for two years. Even if his cold and poison are not cured after all, he still needs to thank him. Wuji wanted to tell Aunt Ji to leave quickly, but unexpectedly, Hu Qingniu was poisoning Ji Xiaofu. When she was caught, she was a middle-aged woman.


It was Hu Qingniu’s wife, Wang Nangu, who didn’t want to act like Hu Qingniu and poison everyone. Originally, she specialized in poison techniques and competed with Hu Qingniu, a medical student. This time, knowing that Grandma Jinhua wanted to harm her husband, she rushed to help. She first falsely claimed to be infected with smallpox by Hu Qingniu, and later saw that Wuji would cure everyone under the guidance of her husband, so she went to poison them.


Wang Nangu entered Hu Qing’s cowshed, but her hands and feet were punctured by Ji Xiaofu and she couldn’t move. Hu Qingniu wanted to take medicine for her, but she wouldn’t die. It turned out that Wang Nangu was cured by Hu Qingniu every time she poisoned her, but she refused to accept it. This time, she took the poison herself, and Hu Qingniu really didn’t know how to treat it. In a fit of anger, Hu Qingniu also took a large dose of poison orally.


Hu Qingniu’s wife, Nangu, fought fiercely and won, but they had a very good relationship. Seeing her husband faint after taking poison, she wept and told Wuji the antidote. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the golden flower mother-in-law had entered the room. Seeing that Hu Qingniu was deeply poisoned, there was no way to save him. The only thing he said was that he was afraid of committing suicide by taking poison himself, so he walked away.


“In her early years, the mother-in-law of Jinhua was murdered by her husband, Mr. Yinye. Hu Qingniu refused to be treated and came back to find him in trouble.”. As soon as Wuji saw the ghostly Golden Flower mother-in-law leave, she quickly detoxified Hu Qing Niuwang Nangu. After Hu Qingniu woke up, he was very grateful to Zhang Wuji and gave him a book written by him based on his lifelong medical knowledge.


Hu Qingniu knew that Grandma Jinhua would come again, so he decided to run away with Aunt Wang immediately. He also asked Zhang Wuji to build a tomb next to the house and write “The Tomb of Butterfly Valley Doctor Mr. Hu Qingniu.”. As soon as the couple left, no one secretly poisoned them. In a few days, the injuries of these people gradually recovered. Ten days later, thanks to Wu Ji, they left.


Ji Xiaofu’s mother and daughter had nowhere to go, so they happened to stay with Wuji for company. Wu Ji carefully read the medical book written by Hu Qingniu, and his medical skills have improved greatly. However, there is still no record of his own cold poison in the book. One day, he was looking at Hu Qingniu’s tomb and thinking that he would soon die when he saw Grandma Jinhua leading a little girl to his side.


Grandma Jinhua asked, “Who are you? Why are you sighing?” Wuji said, “I have Xuanming Palm in my body, and I beg Mr. Hu for treatment. He said that I am not a member of the Mingjiao sect and would not be able to cure it. Now that he is dead, my illness cannot be cured, so I feel sad for thinking.” Grandma Jinhua touched his pulse and asked who caused it. After repeatedly saying, “Pity, Pity!”


When Jinhua’s mother-in-law knew that Wuji was the son of Zhang Cuishan, she immediately squeezed his hand and forced him to reveal Xie Xun’s whereabouts. Wuji said, “I was not afraid of all kinds of evil punishments four years ago. You can just kill me!” Grandma Jinhua said to the little girl beside her, “You have no company on the Spirit Snake Island. Let’s take him back.” The little girl exclaimed, “Excellent!”


Just as Ji Xiaofu’s mother and daughter came back, Ji Xiaofu summoned her courage and said, “Grandma, you mustn’t embarrass the child.” Grandma Jinhua glared at her and said, “You’re not dead yet, come over and let me have a look.” Ji Xiaofu took care of her daughter and took a step back and whispered, “Wuji, come over.”


Zhang Wuji pulled out his foot and wanted to go. The little girl turned her palm and grabbed him, saying, “My name is Ah Li. You’d better come with us to the Spirit Snake Island.” Wuji was caught by Ah Li on the Sanyang collateral on his forearm, and suddenly felt numb and scared and angry in his heart. He shouted, “Let go of me quickly!” Ah Li couldn’t let go, and Wu Ji fiercely bit her hand.


The little girl let go with a cry of pain. The golden flower mother-in-law turned a blind eye. It turned out that Ji Xiaofu’s master, the Emei Sect leader, had arrived to exterminate the Nun. Abbess Ji Xiaofu went to let Grandma Jinhua have a look. Grandma Jinhua said, “I hit your disciple, how will you do?” Then she taunted the Abbess with words.


Nun exterminate threw away half of the broken sword and pulled out a four foot ancient sword from her backpack. The scabbard was clearly inlaid with the words “relying on heaven”. The golden flower mother-in-law raised her staff to meet her, but the Heavenly Sword had not yet come out of its sheath. Her overseas divine artifact, the most precious crutch in the army, had been broken in two. Grandma Jinhua stared at the Heavenly Sword, then grabbed Ah Li and floated away.


After Grandma Jinhua left, Nun Extinction asked Ji Xiaofu to go to her hut. Ji Xiaofu knew that Abbess had come to clean up the door and quickly asked Bumei to go outside to play. Wuji decides to hide outside the house. If Ding Minjun talks nonsense, he stands up to help Aunt Ji explain. Nun Ji Xiaofu was asked to speak by herself, and Xiaofu began to cry as she spoke.


“That day, Shifu ordered me to inquire about Xie Xun’s whereabouts. Disciple Zhi Yue} met a middle-aged man in white clothes in the west. He followed me wherever I went, without weapons, and had excellent martial arts skills. Disciple couldn’t let go, couldn’t escape, and finally lost himself to him. He monitored me very closely, and disciple couldn’t ask for death. A few months later, he welcomed the enemy and left, but I was pregnant.”


Ji Xiaofu continued, “I have already apologized to the Yin Liuxia of Wudang. Due to this incident, I only ask the master to grant permission to the disciple to shave his hair and become a nun.” Nun Yan asked the man’s name again. Ji Xiaofu said, “His name is Yang Xiao, and he is an emissary of the Ming Sect.” Nun exterminate clapped the table and said in a harsh voice, “What Ming Sect? It’s a Demon Sect that injures the heavens and injures all evil.”


Nun exterminated and said, “I don’t care about your previous affairs. I sent you to do one thing, and the success is complete. I will pass on the Heavenly Sword to you and make you the leader.” Then I asked Ji Xiaofu to follow her to a hillside. When Wuji looked, she saw Aunt Ji always shaking her head and finally kneeling down on the ground, being hit by Nun Extinction and knocking at the door.


Zhang Wuji was both frightened and distressed, and was afraid to move while lying in the long grass. Just then, Yang Bumei threw herself at him and smiled. Wuji quickly covered her mouth and whispered, “Don’t make a noise, there’s a villain coming.” Bu Mei Ding buried her head in Wuji’s arms. Ding Minjun searched for a long time but couldn’t find Yang Bumei, so he left with Nun Extinction.


As soon as Nun exterminate left, Wuji quickly dragged Bumei to Ji Xiaofu’s side. Ji Xiaofu’s skull had been shattered. Wuji took out a gold needle and pricked several acupoints before opening her mouth and whispered, “I beg you… send Bumei to her father…” Her left hand took out a piece of wire with an iron tag from her chest and died.


Wuji saw a flame pattern on the card, but he didn’t know what it was, so he hung it on Yang Bumei’s neck. When Yang Bumei cried and fell asleep, Wuji buried Aunt Ji. Later, he casually prepared some food, took a few liang of silver Hu Qingniu gave him, woke up Bumei, said he was looking for his mother, and left Butterfly Valley.


After walking for most of the day, the two of them came out of Butterfly Valley. Unable to find the inn on the first night, I had to spend the night in the cave. The next day, they walked along the mountain road for a while to take a rest. At noon, I suddenly saw two mummies hanging on the tree trunk. Wuji was bolder, and when he approached, it turned out to be Hu Qingniu and his wife.


Wuji realized that the two of them had still failed to escape the vicious hand of Grandma Jinhua, and couldn’t help but shed tears in a daze. He laid down the bodies of the two and found a copy of the “Poison Classic of Wang Nangu” in Wang Nangu’s body, which he casually placed in his arms. Then, he juxtaposed the bodies of the two, held some stones and earth, and buried them hastily. He knelt down and worshipped for a few times, and took Bumei to find his way.


The two of them walked through the mountains until evening, when they saw white smoke rising, they quickly walked over. Unexpectedly, they were two starving men who tried to kill them and eat them. After all, Wuji has learned a bit of Wudang’s introductory kung fu and knocked these two people down with one or two palms. As he was about to run, he pulled Bu Mei and suddenly encountered two people blocking the way.


One of these two is Jian Jie from the Kongtong Sect, and the other is Xue Gongyuan from the Huashan Sect. Both of them were healed by Wuji in the Butterfly Valley not long ago. Wuji didn’t expect them to eat people, too. The old man Jian said, “Fengyang Mansion is thousands of miles away, and everyone is starving to death. Little brother, this girl is not your own person, so I’ll give you a share later.”


Wuji thinks Ji Xiaofu is dead and that he is by no means their opponent, so he has to beg them to eat himself instead of the little girl. The person surnamed Xue said, “You can’t leave one behind. In the future, we won’t be rivals of the Wudang Sect of the Emei Sect.” At this moment, a young man named Xu Da, holding one in one hand, said he was going to the stream to wash and cook.


Unexpectedly, when Xu Da reached the stream, he asked Wuji to take Bumei and run quickly. He stopped Jianjie and Xue Gongyuan who were chasing him with his own knife. Although Xu Da was young, he was not an opponent of the two of them, and within a few rounds he was slashed in the leg. “He rolled off the spot, played and ran away, shouting, ‘I’ll call someone,’ and disappeared.”. Wuji Bumei was caught again.


Zhang Wuji was captured twice, his mouth and nose were bruised by the blow, his clothes were torn, and the book “Wang Nangu Poison Classic” also fell to the ground. When he looked down, he saw the word “poisonous fungus” written on the page blown open by the wind in the book. He also saw several brightly colored grass mushrooms under a decayed tree trunk four or five feet away from the left.


So he slowly moved over and pulled it and secretly put it into the pot. The two men were thirsty and said to drink water before killing them. Wuji didn’t know whether the fungus was actually non-toxic. Seeing the two of them actually fall down, he exclaimed, “Thank goodness!” He quickly cut the rope binding himself to the knife handle, then picked up the “Poison Classic” and pulled Bumei away.


Suddenly, a torch lit up in the east, and seven or eight people came running with weapons in hand. Zhang and Yang quickly hid in the grass. It wasn’t until I got closer that it was Brother Xu who brought a group of people to save Zhang Wuji. Wuji leads Bumei out of the grass and recounts how to poison Jane and Xue. Xu Da was overjoyed and asked him to go eat beef together.


Xu Da and others came to a temple and introduced everyone to Wu Ji, a person with a big face and ears called Tang He; A heroic man named Deng Yu; A black face with a long body called Hua Yun; There is also a strangely ugly person named Zhu Yuanzhang. Everyone praised Wuji’s chivalrous act and only served them a large bowl of beef.

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