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Miss Yin accompanied Zhang Cuishan on the island for a few steps, and the Master of the Chang Tan invited them to the banquet. The Baitan Lord saw Zhang Cuishan as a distinguished guest of Wudang, and in addition, Miss Yin attached great importance to him, so she led him to the top position. Unexpectedly, Gao Zecheng and Jiang Tao were not convinced. They threw a chair from a long distance, and at the same time, they scrambled to sit at the top.


Zhang Cuishan thought he was here to investigate the murderer of the third brother, and there was no need to fight with them. He said, “It’s best for you two to sit here, little brother, just over there.” As soon as he raised his step, Yin Susu waved him to sit beside him. Cuishan didn’t want to be too close to her, but she couldn’t refuse, so she went anyway.


Gao and Jiang were even more angry when they saw Zhang Cuishan sitting next to Miss Yin. However, when they sat down angrily, the chair leg broke again, and the two fell to the ground, causing everyone to laugh. The foot of the chair was broken by the white jar master, and at this moment he called two strong men to come up with two huge stones.


“Two days ago, the eagle taught the strongmen to change their chairs, but although Gao and Jiang had excellent swordsmanship, they couldn’t take over the two huge stones, so they had to jump away quickly.”. The crowd laughed again. “The two Kunlun swordsmen don’t take the lead, so let’s invite Mr. Zhang to sit down!”


Zhang Cuishan walked over and, not wanting the hint of the two powerful men, threw two huge stones at him. Zhang Cuishan wondered if he could jump away and lose his school’s prestige, so he used the right hook in the “martial” formula and the left hook in the “sword” formula. He immediately jumped up and saw two stones fall, and Zhang Cuishan sat steadily on top.


Everyone cheered, and White Turtle Shou understood why Miss Yan valued Zhang Wuxia so much. Then he said, “My sect has recently acquired a treasured sword, called Dragon Slaying Blade. Today, please come and see it.” Then a dozen disciples carried out a large iron stove, anvil, and hammer burning in flames from the cave.


Master Chang personally took out the treasured sword from the cave and uncovered the wrapped Huang Xu. The people didn’t notice that this knife was dark, and they didn’t know whether it was true or not. Chang Jinpeng asked someone to place the knife on an anvil with the edge facing the sky, and then asked another person to smash it with a sledgehammer. There was only a slight hissing sound, and the hammer head was divided into two parts.


Everyone was amazed at such a treasured sword, and Chang Jinpeng raised his sword and swept it across the waist of a large pine tree. Then he raised his sword and repeatedly waved it, sweeping it through the waist of several pine trees. The group of heroes saw that the big trees were not abnormal. Chang Jinpeng laughed and pointed to the tree. The tree fell, and a dozen trees fell in a crash.


It turned out that only because the knife was too sharp, Chang Jinpeng’s force was extremely balanced. After the upper part of the pine tree was broken, it remained stable above the lower part. Chang Jinpeng laughed incessantly, waving his dragon slaying knife and throwing it into the flaming iron tripod. Suddenly, there was a sound of crashing trees in the distance, and everyone saw the masts of the ships falling one by one in the water.


The two leaders of the Heavenly Eagle Cult, White Turtle Shou and Chang Jinpeng, hurriedly ordered their hands to go down and check, but they saw that each of them was bleeding and flesh blurred, and they screamed “King of the Golden Fur Lion” and fled back. Then a man slowly walked out from behind the tree, with an unusually tall figure, yellow hair draped over his shoulders, and a mace in hand, as majestic as a god of heaven. This person is Xie Xun, the King of the Golden Lion.


Bai Guishou stepped forward and said, “Why did Mr. Xie destroy the boat and kill people as soon as he arrived on the island?” Xie Xun laughed and said, “I came to seize the sword.” As he spoke, he walked towards the iron tripod. Seeing this, Chang Jinpeng shouted, “Stop!” His warning hand had already thrown a watermelon meteor hammer. However, with a loud bang, Chang Jinpeng fell in response.


Originally, Xie Xun didn’t turn his head, but with a wave of his mace, the heavy hammer of the town iron hit Chang Jinpeng straight back. The five helmsmen of the Zhuque Altar attacked Xie Xun together. The Golden Lion King grabbed the dragon slaying knife with his left hand, and with his right hand, he used a mace to pick under the iron tripod, which swept hundreds of kilograms and knocked down the five people at the same time.


At the sight of such a momentum, all the people trembled with fear. Xie Xun glanced at the group of heroes and said, “I want to take this dragon slaying sword. Do you have any objections?” Yuan Guangbo, the head of the Haisha Sect headquarters, quickly said, “Senior Xie is highly respected, and this sword should belong to you.” I don’t want Xie Xun to hate those who flatter and flatter the most, but instead, I have recorded the crimes of the Haisha Sect.


“Your martial arts skills of Haisha Sect are ordinary, and you only rely on poisonous salt to harm others. Today, I asked you to take a bowl of poisonous salt from each of us.” Xie Xun said, taking two bowls of poisonous salt from Haisha Sect’s subordinates, pouring the entire bowl into Yuan Guangbo’s stomach, and pouring the entire bowl into his own mouth.


Zhang Cuishan saw that Xie Xun’s attack was fierce, but his eyebrows were dignified, and he also killed a ferocious person. He advised Xie Xun to quickly find a way to detoxify. However, Xie Xun picked up a jar of wine and drank it clean. After drinking a mouthful, a white wine column erupted, causing all the members of the White Turtle Shou and the Giant Whale Gang to faint.


“Xie Xun is well versed in the pirate behavior of the Giant Whale Gang, and he has asked the Mai Gang to compete with him in underwater martial arts.”. However, this time, they didn’t go into the water. They just sealed their mouths and noses with mud and water wine. If anyone couldn’t help but reach out and uncover the mud first, they would commit suicide with a knife. As a result, the Mai Gang Leader who admitted to being a water addict from childhood died of exhaustion.


“Xie Xun counted the evil deeds of several sects and killed the leaders of several sects in succession. At this moment, his gaze was directed at Gao Zecheng and Jiang Tao of the Kunlun Sect. Zhang Cuishan saw this and said, ‘Thank you, if you continue to kill regardless of right or wrong, what’s the difference between you and beasts?'” Xie Xun said, ‘There is no right or wrong in the world, as long as you have the ability to defeat me.’ ”


Zhang Cuishan said, “I only came here for the murder of Third Senior Brother, and I don’t want to rob the Dragon Slaying Sabre.” Xie Xun said, “But I robbed the Dragon Slaying Sabre, and if the news goes out, wouldn’t it also cause death?” Cuishan saw that he couldn’t, and said, “If you win a move or two, just ask the senior to agree to one thing.” Xie Xun said, “It’s a deal.”


Yin Susu pulled Zhang Cuishan’s lapel and was seen by Xie Xun earlier. Xie Xun said, “Why are you Tianying Sect trying to help Wudang disciples? It’s only because your sect leader Yin miscalculated. If he were here, my martial arts would be at most as good as him. However, I really couldn’t bear to part with a pair of handsome and elegant people like you.” Both of them blushed at the sight.


Knowing that there was nowhere to escape from the island, Zhang Cuishan said, “I will only write a few words compared to my predecessors.” After that, using the unique skill of “Ladder Cloud Leap”, he climbed onto a large stone wall, hooked a silver hook on the stone gap with his left hand, and wrote a word “Wu” with his right iron pen. “He dances with dragons and phoenixes, and his pen is vigorous. He can write 24 words in a moment.”.


“Xie Xun stared at the words on the stone wall and finally sighed and said, ‘I can’t write it, I lost.’ Yin Susu clapped her hands and said, ‘If you lose, don’t let it go.’ Xie Xun heard that Zhang Cuishan wanted him to spare the lives of the people on the island, so he asked Zhang and Yin to tightly plug their ears with their skirts, and then firmly press them with their hands. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and screamed.”.


The two of Zhang Yin’s bodies shook, and everyone from the Eagle Cult, the Giant Whale Sect, the Haisha Sect, and the Divine Fist Sect was tongue-tied and in agony, falling to the ground and unable to wriggle. “Xie Xun stopped whistling and said, ‘These human beings are safe, but they are insane and can’t recall the past. Now let’s go.'”


Xie Xun led the two men to the west harbour of the island and saw a three-masted ship, which he had taken to the island. The six or seven sailors on the ship were all deaf and mute, and of course it was Xie Xun who made them like this. The ship steered eastward towards the vast sea. Yin Susu was startled and said, “Wrong, quickly turn the rudder.” Xie Xun said, “I’m just going to a desert island.”


Yin Susu said, “Then you can send us back first.” Xie Xun smiled and said, “I want to quietly think about the secret of this dragon slaying knife, so I have to make you go to the desert island with me. Besides, you two are talented and beautiful, and have become a couple on the island. Isn’t it beautiful?” Zhang Cuishan was furious, but he knew that he could not defeat him, so he had to say that he would make a solemn oath and never reveal the secret.


Xie Xun said, “Zhang Wuxia speaks like a mountain, but I made a solemn oath at the age of 28, but my family was ruined by the person I love most in my life. My parents, wife, and children all died overnight. For thirteen years, I have only been with beasts, and I no longer believe in people.” Zhang Cuishan shivered, thinking it was no wonder that the Jianghu did not know this person, and he felt sympathy.

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