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Chronicles of Huayang 华阳国志 – Top 100 Books in China

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The oldest extant gazetteer of a region of China.


Chinese Name: 华阳国志

English Name: Huayang Guo Zhi, Chronicles of Huayang, Annals of Huayang Country

Other Names: Huayang Guo Ji 华阳国记

Author: Chang Qu 常璩

Originally Published: the Eastern Jin Dynasty东晋时期

Genre: History, Geography

Chronicles of Huayang华阳国志
Chronicles of Huayang华阳国志

Brief Introduction of the Chronicles of Huayang

The Chronicles of Huayang华阳国志 is a work written by Chang Qu常璩 in the Eastern Jin Dynasty from 348 to 354. It specifically describes the local history, geography and figures of ancient Southwest China.


The Chronicles of Huayang state has 12 volumes, about 110000 words. The whole book consists of three parts:

Volumes 1 to 4 mainly record the history and geography of Ba巴, Shu蜀, Hanzhong汉中 and Nanzhong南中 counties, which also records the political history, national history and military history of this region, but mainly geography;

Volumes five to nine chronicle the history of the four separatist regimes of Gongsun Shu公孙述, Liu Yan刘焉, Liu Zhang刘璋 , Liu Bei刘备, Liu Shan刘禅 , and Li Shi李氏, as well as the unification period of the Western Jin Dynasty; From the Western Han Dynasty to the early Eastern Jin Dynasty,

Volumes 10 to 12 recorded the “virtuous men and women” in Liang梁, Yi益 and Ning宁 prefectures.


Since its completion, the Chronicles of Huayang has been highly praised and respected by scholars of all dynasties. Contemporary people regard the Chronicles of Huayang as important historical materials in their research on the ancient Southwest. In particular, writing the historical records of Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places is inseparable from the Chronicles of Huayang.

This book describes the historical facts of Shu Han in more detail than the Records of the Three Kingdoms三国志.


Author of the Chronicles of Huayang

Chang Qu常璩 (about 291-361), a historian of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was born in Jiangyuan, Shujun (now Chongzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan).

Chang Qu常璩
Chang Qu常璩

In the late Western Jin Dynasty, Chang Qu was born in Shu. The Chang family is a large local family, Most of the people in Chang family study arts, are good at writing and writing articles.


Since he became an adult, studious Chang Yu has studied diligently, asked others for advice, and asked returning refugees about their geographical conditions and experiences when they were exiled. He has rich records and stories.

After his old age, he had no intention to continue to be an official. He focused on history, searched for various historical materials, and wrote the Chronicles of Huayang.

Excerpts from the Chronicles of Huayang





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