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Job Recruit Native English Teacher Job in Nanjing

Native English Teacher PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. Responsibilities: Responsible for developing specific action plans to improve the English proficiency of employees who need to work in...

What is X Visa? Important Notice About Visa for Studying in China!

To Study in China, it not only requires the excellent scores to be admitted to Chinese University, the visa is also another important document...

Is China kicking out resident foreigners?

No, they’re capable of kicking you out (like they did with a lot of the foreigners in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics) but it...

Can Asians teach English in China?

Foreign English teachers must satisfy 3 masters. The school, the parent and the government Foreign Expert Office. Remember the FEO can only approve someone...

How much do people get paid to teach English in China?

I taught in China from August 2011 to June 2018, so my answer applies to that period. First of all, I have taught in California...

Can anyone teach English in China without a teaching degree?

I’ll concentrate solely on the teaching aspect - and, it depends on what kind of institute you teach at, and probably where in China...

What is it like teaching English in China?

I worked in China as an English teacher and unfortunately can't write anything positive in respect of work. But privately I met nice people...

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