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舒淇 Qi Shu Photo Gallery Wallpaper

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舒淇 简介 · · · · · ·

About Shu Qi······
Shu Qi was born in Taiwan on April 16, 1976. It was originally named Lin Lihui. Because of her poor family, she stopped studying in high school. In order to make money for her family, she became an amateur model. Because of her independent personality, she still hasn’t changed.
Shu Qi revealed an unforgettable past in her childhood: when she was young, her family was very poor. The whole family never had a big meal that was a little more luxurious. Her parents also denied her pocket money, let alone buying things by herself. In Shu Qi’s memory, what she received in her childhood was “stick education”. Her neighbors often saw her mother chasing her around the street with a stick. Only her brother who played together gave her family warmth, so the two are still very close.
Strong dissatisfaction with her parents led Shu Qi to run away from home frequently. In a few years, she ran away from home no less than 10 times. At the age of 16, after running away from home for six months, Shu Qi found that her mother’s hair had turned white because she was worried about herself, and she also found that her parents loved her very much. Compared with the outside world, Shu Qi could give her more care, so she returned to her parents and stopped being a runaway girl.
In 1996, he developed from Taiwan to Hong Kong, and was discovered by Wang Jing. He starred in three level films, such as Red Light District and Jade Putuan’s Heart Sutra. Later, Erdongsheng’s “Pornographic Men and Women” won the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best supporting role and Best Newcomer, becoming the only female star in the history of Hong Kong film who won this honor for her third class film.
From Fengyun and Glassware a few years ago to the Sunset Angel and the recently turned off Beauty Grass, Shu Qi has completely got rid of the title of “off star” and become an actress. Of course, the discovery of Shu Qi, a star, was attributed to her former manager, Wen Jun, although Shu Qi finally decided to leave Wen Juan. He is independent, but still has a good “father daughter” relationship with him!
She is a model of successful transformation from a third tier film actor. She has a strong understanding and is good at learning. In recent years, she no longer just accepted Hong Kong commercial films as she did at first. Instead, they selectively acted as many literary and artistic films from three places as possible, reducing the number, but improving the quality significantly.

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