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汤唯 Wei Tang Photo Gallery Wallpaper

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Tang Wei was born in Zhejiang Province, and moved to Hangzhou with his parents when he was in primary school. The performance experience includes the TV movie “Police Flower Swallow”, which also shared with Tao Hong the outstanding actress award of the film channel digital film Lily Award, and also performed in the epic drama “Che Guevara” performed by the People’s Art Theatre. Ang Lee directed Lust, Caution. After thousands of choices, the heroine finally decided Tang Wei, so she also became the focus of the public from obscurity. Later, for various reasons, Tang Wei studied abroad and left the film world temporarily. In 2010, Tang Wei returned to the big screen when the film Hennessy at the Full Moon was released. In addition, she also took pictures of “Late Autumn”, “Beijing meets Seattle” and other works.

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