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刘亦菲 Yifei Liu Fashion Photo Gallery Wallpaper

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刘亦菲 简介 · · · · · ·
刘亦菲父亲安少康是武汉大学法文系教授,母亲刘晓莉是国家一级舞蹈演员。当年,年仅8岁的刘亦菲在中南商都第二届“童花杯”童装模特大奖赛中获得冠军,刘亦菲十岁时,她的父母离异,刘亦菲便从武汉市江岸区鄱阳街小学退学,赴美国读书。现今刘亦菲仍是美国国籍,因念书关系及待在美国时间较长,所以国籍介改为美国。但她自己强调,自己是个中国人。现在走在武汉的主要街道,仍然可以看见影楼里挂着她的艺术照片。在成为演员之前,刘亦菲也是武汉地区小有名气的摄影模特。 “她特别优秀,我拍了七八年照片,极少碰到这么有个性的拍摄对象。她非常漂亮,一点也不怵镜头,镜头在她面前似乎不存在了。她表达自我的欲望非常强,很多姿势,根本不需要摄影师说,她便摆得很到位。当时我就想,这女孩以后肯定有发展。”这是武汉的一名摄影师对刘亦菲的评价。刘亦菲于2002年年初回到了祖国,因为在美国待了一段时间,她显得比内地同龄女孩更加的成熟、端庄。刘亦菲天生一个气质美女,她身材高挑苗条,有着令人羡慕的鹅蛋脸和如婴儿般吹弹即破的白嫩肌肤。但最与众不同的还是她的眼睛,这是一双能“摄人心魂”的凤眼;并且她的体态优雅袅娜,在配上那一头长及腰际的秀发,简直就是“翩若惊鸿”,活脱脱一个“天上有,地上无”的超完美版的青春美少女。在同年的7月,刘亦菲被北京电影学院表演系破格录取。刘亦菲回国后,制片人游建鸣在喝茶时无意中就看见了其任形象代言的房地产广告,立即被这有着“气质优雅,光明无限”的女孩所吸引,当即决定由其出演《金粉世家》女二号白秀珠,在剧中与男主角金燕西(陈坤饰)共同演绎出一段剪不断的情感纠缠。公正地说,天生一幅明星样的刘亦菲涉足影视界是迟早的事情,但她的出道还得归功于《金粉世家》制片人游建鸣的慧眼识星。从事影视业近20年的游建鸣坚信自己绝对不会看走眼,他对剧组的人员说,刘亦菲绝对是一个星光逼人即将冉冉升起的明星,前途无量。

About Liu Yifei······
Liu Yifei’s father An Shaokang is a professor in the French Department of Wuhan University, and her mother Liu Xiaoli is a national first class dancer. At the age of 8, Liu Yifei won the championship in the second “Children’s Flower Cup” Children’s Wear Model Grand Prix in Zhongnan Commercial Capital. When Liu Yifei was ten years old, her parents divorced, and Liu Yifei dropped out of Poyang Street Primary School in Jiang’an District, Wuhan, to study in the United States. Today, Liu Yifei is still an American citizen. Because of her long study and stay in the United States, her nationality has been changed to the United States. But she stressed that she was a Chinese. Now walking in the main street of Wuhan, you can still see her art photos hanging in the studio. Before becoming an actor, Liu Yifei was also a famous photography model in Wuhan. “She is very excellent. I have taken pictures for seven or eight years, and rarely met such a personalized subject. She is very beautiful, and she is not afraid of the camera. The camera seems to disappear in front of her. She has a strong desire to express herself. She has a lot of postures, and she puts them in place without the photographer saying anything. At that time, I thought that the girl must have development in the future.” This is the evaluation of Liu Yifei by a photographer in Wuhan. Liu Yifei returned to the motherland at the beginning of 2002. After spending some time in the United States, she seemed more mature and dignified than her mainland counterparts. Liu Yifei is a natural beauty. She is tall and slim, with an enviable oval face and white skin that can be easily broken like a baby. But the most distinctive thing is her eyes, which are a pair of eyes that can “capture the soul”; And her body is elegant and graceful. With her waist length hair, she is simply a beautiful young girl who “floats like a bird” and is a perfect version of “there is nothing in the sky and there is nothing on the earth”. In July of the same year, Liu Yifei was admitted by the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. After Liu Yifei returned to China, the producer You Jianming accidentally saw the real estate advertisement that he was the image ambassador when he was drinking tea. He was immediately attracted by the girl who had “elegant temperament and infinite brightness”. He immediately decided to play the role of Bai Xiuzhu, the second female in “The Golden Powder Family”. In the play, he and the hero Jin Yanxi (Chen Kun) played a constant emotional entanglement. To be fair, it is only a matter of time before Liu Yifei, born as a star, gets involved in the film and television industry, but she owes her debut to the insight of You Jianming, the producer of The Golden Dust Family. You Jianming, who has been engaged in the film and television industry for nearly 20 years, firmly believes that he will never miss it. He told the crew that Liu Yifei is definitely a star who is about to rise and has a bright future.

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