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Basic information

  • City: Hefei, Anhui
  • Founded in: 1928
  • Type: Public University
  • Number of total students: 32082
  • Number of international students: 222
  • Number of faculty: 1841
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About Hefei

Hefei is the capital and largest city of Anhui Province, People's Republic of China. A prefecture-level city, it is the political, economic, and cultural center of Anhui. Wikipedia


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About Anhui University

Co-sponsored by People’s Government of Anhui Province and the Ministry of Education of PRC, Anhui University is a member university of “Project 211”(a national key universities construction project) and a key comprehensive university affiliated to Anhui Province. As a pioneer of modern higher education of Anhui, AHU was established in Anqing City (the capital of Anhui Province at that time) in 1928.

At present, AHU has four campuses and one university science and technology park, covering an area of over 215 hectares and boasting 1.25 million square meters of floor space. The university libraries have a collection of over 3.50 million books. AHU enjoys a teaching and administrative staff of more than 2600. By the end of 2016, there were 1,687 full-time teachers. Among them, there are more than 900 professors and associate professors, 1 winner of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 distinguished professor of the “Changjiang Scholars Program” of MOE, 2 experts recruited through the “Thousand Talents Plan”, 1 winner of the National Award for Distinguished Teachers, 24 winners of the Provincial Award for Distinguished Teachers, 3 experts recruited through the “100-, 1000- and 10000-talent Plan”, 12 experts recruited through the “New Century Talent Supporting Project” of MOE, 13 distinguished professors of the “Wanjiang Scholars Program” of Anhui Province, 5 experts recruited through “Hundred Talents Plan” of Anhui Province, 5 experts recruited through “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and 139 experts awarded special subsidy by the State Council and People’s Government of Anhui Province. By the end of 2016, there were 416 PhD candidates, 5757 master candidates, 21323 undergraduates and 545 international students.

Anhui University has a comprehensive range of disciplines covering 10 categories: humanities, science, engineering, economy, management, law, history, philosophy, education and art. It consists of 26 schools and departments. There are 13 post-doctoral research stations, 12 first-level doctoral programs, 2 second-level doctoral programs, 31 first-level master degree programs, 2 second-level master degree programs, 95 programs for undergraduates. It also has 2 national key disciplines, 25 provincial key disciplines There is a national and local joint engineering laboratory, 1 MOE key base for research in humanities and social sciences, 2 MOE key laboratories, 1 MOE engineering research center, 1 modern experimental technology Center, 6 provincial key bases for research in humanities and social sciences, 10 provincial key laboratories, 8 provincial engineering technology research centers, 3 provincial public service platforms of science and technology innovation, 2 national off-campus practice education bases for college students, 4 national experimental teaching demonstration centers and 9 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers.

n recent years, AHU has signed cooperation agreements with 16 cities in Anhui Province and established cooperative relations in production, education and research with over 600 corporations. It has established contacts and cooperative relationships with 124 renowned colleges and universities as well as research institutes from foreign countries and regions, including the US, the UK, Germany and Japan. It has established 3 Confucius Institutes in collaboration with 3 universities in Chile, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

With a long history, a profound cultural connotation, a variety of disciplines, strong academic strength, distinctive research characteristics, a thick innovative atmosphere, beautiful campus environment and first-class teaching conditions, AHU has become a key base for cultivating high-level talents for Anhui Province, having great influence both at home and abroad.

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