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After a long day, the Chinese cooking movies about chef competitions always help to rest the mind. There is a plethora of food-related films that are impossible to avoid and, at times, dangerously addictive. The films bring back a lot of food memories. Whether you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine or a foodie, these films will help you enjoy the culinary arts. Explore more on Thecookingmovie for variety of top food movies.

Enjoy the best China cooking movies

There are an almost infinite number of Asian cooking movie to watch. With a few notable exceptions, few Western documentarians have even scratched the surface of the huge range of flavors and stories Chinese regional cuisines have to offer in mainland China.

Thankfully, this is changing, particularly with the rise of Chinese-produced movies that offer an insider’s perspective on cuisine and identity. Here are 7 Chinese cooking movies we enjoy that are available for internet viewing during your self-quarantine, whether you’re wanting to escape or learn something new.

7 best Chinese chef competitions to binge-watch right now

1. Rice Rhapsody


Martin Yan, a Chinese-American chef, plays Kim Chui, the proprietor of a struggling restaurant that can’t compete with the main character Jen’s a more successful eatery, is known for serving the greatest Hainanese Chicken Rice in the neighborhood.

As Kim Chui prepares a similar specialty dish, Hainanese Duck Rice, which quickly becomes popular throughout the community, a rivalry develops between the two cooks. This cooking movie Chinese climaxes with a cooking competition to choose the best traditional Singaporean meal. Jen’s challenges with coming to terms with the fact that all three of her sons are LGBT are also explored in the film.

2. The Chinese Feast


Many of these gourmet flick feature cooking competitions, but The Chinese Feast is without a doubt the most amazing of them all. When Au, a restauranteur, is approached by a company trying to consolidate all Chinese restaurants into an invincible monopoly, he objects and is forced to cook the spectacular Manchu Han Imperial Feast or risk losing his business to the group.

He assembles a team of top chefs, including Kit, a former master chef who must reunite with his wife in order to rekindle his passion for cooking! The food scenes in this chef Chinese movie are incredible, and you’ll want to start cooking right away!

3. Eat Drink Man Woman


Master Chef Chu is the patriarch of his three daughters, and every Sunday he prepares a delectable meal for them, where they sit and discuss the changes in their life that occur throughout this Chinese cooking movie.

When you watch the cooking, it’s simple to see why Eat Drink Man Woman is frequently ranked at the top of gourmet movie lists. Chef Chu makes every step look smooth (and tasty) while intricately and expertly slicing each component of the family’s lunch, even when it entails killing, cutting, and gutting fresh fish, chicken, and duck!

4. Cook Up a Storm


Raymond Yip directed the Chinese film Cook Up a Storm, which was released in 2017. It starred Nicholas Tse, a well-known Chinese singer, and actor, as well as Jung Yong Hwa, a well-known K-pop idol.

This Chinese cooking movie follows two rival cooks (Gao Tian Ci and Paul Ahn) competing in an international cooking competition.

They come from diverse culinary backgrounds and have different cooking methods. Gao Tian Ci specialized in Cantonese street food and has no formal training, whereas Paul Ahn is a Michelin-starred chef who received his education in France.

When these two determined cooks compete in a chinese movie about cooking competition, they discover they have more in common than they originally thought, including a mutual opponent.

5. The God of Cookery


In 1996, this Hong Kong comedy chinese movie about chef was released. The film’s producer, director, and writer is Stephen Chow. He even played a role in the cooking film. Stephen Chow, Vincent Kok, Lee Siu-Kei, Tats Lau, Nancy Sit, Karen Mok, Ng Man-tat, Christy Chung, and Lee Kin-yan star in the film.

An egotistical chef is assisted by a timid street vendor in defeating a ruthless competitor.

6. The Joy Luck Club 


Food, like real life, serves as a backdrop for numerous disagreements, make-up scenes, and mahjong games. Anyone planning to meet their Chinese girlfriend’s family for the first time should watch this movie for advice on how not to behave.

When making a toast, don’t drink all of your booze at once. If you don’t have any chopsticks, don’t brag about them. And under no circumstances should you try to improve her mother’s cooking by smothering it in soy sauce.

7. The Search for General Tso


This Chinese cooking movie delves into the roots of General Tso’s chicken, the archetypal Chinese-American “chop suey” meal. Even well-traveled Americans consider General Tso’s chicken “authentic,” but most Chinese people don’t recognize it — “that looks like frog, not chicken!” a woman exclaims when she sees a picture of the dish — the dish spread across the United States during a time when Chinese immigrants needed to carve out a culinary niche to survive.

What is your favorite Chinese movie chef competition in the list above? If you need more suggestions on the food movies and TV Shows to watch, you just need to visit our website and check out our articles. Wish you have a wonderful and satisfying movie-watching moment.

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