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Basic information

  • City: Beijing
  • Founded in: 1964
  • Type: Public University
  • Number of total students: 2240
  • Number of international students: 86
  • Number of faculty: 387
故宫The Palace Museum Beijing. Image by iStudy-Hera.

About Beijing

Beijing, China’s sprawling capital, has history stretching back 3 millennia. Yet it’s known as much for modern architecture as its ancient sites such as the grand Forbidden City complex, the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Nearby, the massive Tiananmen Square pedestrian plaza is the site of Mao Zedong’s mausoleum and the National Museum of China, displaying a vast collection of cultural relics. ― Google


School Badge

About China Conservatory of Music

China Conservatory of Music was founded in 1964, which is a college that based on studies of Chinese ancient civilization and equipped with unique music education style and research features. Its goal is to cultivate a lot of trained personnel working on researching, creating, performing and educating. It is guided with its philosophy of schooling that “Inherit studies of Chinese ancient civilization, Develop rhymes of Chinese culture, Cultivate talents with ability for our country, Strengthen music field of our nation”, and enjoys good reputations like “The Cradle of Chinese Musician” and “The Palace of Chinese Music”. The college has the conferral right for Doctor, Master and Bachelor of Music and Dance as well as Master of Fine Arts (MFA). It equipped with the postdoctoral research station of Music and Dance and it is “the college that accepts (international students sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarships)/ scholarship from Chinese government for international students in China”. The major distribution of the college are consists of three parts for Music, Composition and Theories of Composition, Music Performance.

There are eleven teaching units : Musicology, Composition, Vocal and Opera, Chinese Music, Music Education, Piano, Arts Management, Conducting, Orchestral Instruments, Music Technology and Social Science, etc.. Moreover, it is equipped with graduate school, college of extended education, training school and attached middle school. Therefore, it formed a focused and bright education system as well as a multi-layered school-running system. We have famous teachers and abundant education and technology conditions as well as nationwide advanced level for Chinese vocal music performance, Chinese instrumental performance, Chinese musical creation, Chinese traditional music method and history, the inheritance and education of Chinese music. We have 2 national excellent teachers, 3 young and middle-age specialists with great contribution for country, 41 specialists enjoy special government allowance, 8 Beijing excellent teachers, 1 nation level “Education Team”, 3 nation level professional stations, 1 cultivating model experimental plot of Ministry of Education, 1 philosophy and social science research base of Beijing, 1 Beijing key discipline, 6 nation level key research projects. For past decade, we had got 3 nation level teaching prizes, 82 prizes of Golden Bell Awards, 124 prizes of Mandarin Awards, 1 Innovation Award of Ministry of Culture and 2 prizes for culture and art science outstanding achievements of Ministry of Culture. China Conservatory of Music insists to open the policy of running the college, which promotes music and culture exchanges between China and foreign countries as well as plays an important role to make Chinese music go to the world. Fifty years past since the conservatory founded, it gathered and cultivated a lot of famous teachers and talents in music field and it also delivered almost ten thousand outstanding graduates of various of majors to home and abroad, which made great contribution to inherit, develop and enrich Chinese music.

For the future, we will (still take)/ keep carrying on? the mission of inheriting, developing and innovating Chinese music, and promote our work about Party construction, ideological political work, project developmental level, educational teaching management, cultivation quality, teaching staff, and comprehensive treatment. We will make our higher artistic education better,.We will keep a foothold in Beijing, serve for the (all)/whole? country and go to the world. We will explore an independent Chinese music education system to guide the direction of world music education and establish an international famous higher music college as well as try to realize a Chinese music talents cultivating base, an information center of Chinese music teaching and technology researching and a window to exchange music culture between China and foreign countries.


China Conservatory of Music shoulders the mission of inheriting Chinese music, and always insists the philosophy of schooling that “Inherit studies of Chinese culture, Develop rhymes of Chinese culture, Cultivate talents with ability for our country, Strengthen music field of our nation/Develop Chinese Music”. Our goal is to make a success of a conservatory of music based on studies of Chinese ancient civilization. We are always very confident to bring forth new ideas. China Conservatory of Music is the pioneer, the explorer and the leader of Chinese music education and enjoys good reputations like “The Cradle of Chinese Musician” and “The Palace of Chinese Music”. We struggled for decades and we had cultivated many music talents as well as formed the Chinese style and model in the field of music higher education, which laid the foundation of substance, system and culture for us to keep on moving. We are always very struggling to realize cultural renaissance. China Conservatory of Music inherits traditional essence, absorbs spirits of the time and collects all advantages of the world on the way to establish a world-class conservatory of music, and we think highly of studies of Chinese ancient civilization when we cultivate students and build up the Chinese music education system, trying to make Chinese music unique. In the future, we will do community services, participate in Beijing and national cultural construction and promote international cultural communication, which will contribute to culture, art and music education of human beings. We are always very elaborate to establish Chinese music school. We learned from Venice Opera Music School, Viennese Classical School, Russian Folk Music School and American Music School as well as based on Chinese music resources, Chinese art styles, Chinese musician and Chinese music works to establish the Chinese Music School. We cooperate with many world-class conservatory of music to promote our courses and our scientific goal of development. To inherit studies of Chinese ancient civilization, because we should learn essence of our tradition. This the value and goal, blood and soul of us Chinese nation, and it is also the faith of China Conservatory of Music. To develop rhymes of Chinese culture, because our culture is elegant and profound. If we highlight the elegant temperament of Chinese culture in our music, Chinese music will show its glory in the world. To cultivate talents with ability for our country, because talents are the key for high quality music. We want to cultivate those people with humanistic connotations, positive actions and great music talents. They can be ordinary but they must be noble and broad-minded. To strengthen music field of our nation, because music is the root of our nation. We insist the philosophy of schooling that “Inherit studies of Chinese ancient civilization, Develop rhymes of Chinese culture, Cultivate talents with ability for our country, Strengthen music field of our nation”, and we advocate magnanimous art atmosphere as well as establish a cultural caution system to realize the world-class development. We had inherited the fortune of tradition and we will go on our goal and dream. China Conservatory of Music will go to the world and future with its mission! Wherever you are from, we really welcome you to join us and let’s together make our dream of music and art come true!

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