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On January 8th, China’s international border is open and international students all over the world can launch their applications for studying in China again.

If you are interested in studying in China but have no idea what is it like to live in China, this article will introduce to you some features of living in China.

China is a vast country.

Not only due to its large population, but also its rapidly developing economy and rich cultural heritage. As of the date of the issuing of this article, China’s population has reached the TOP 1 and GDP has reached the TOP 2 in the world, and China is also a country that has witnessed the rises and falls of 24 dynasties throughout the Chinese history.

To live in China can be an exciting and rewarding experience for those who have never been to China, but it can also be challenging if you are not so well familiar with Chinese language and culture.

The weather in China



The weather in China is diverse as well. Different Cities and Regions in China experience different weather patterns. The most obvious feature is the north experiencing cold, dry winters, while the south going through subtropical climate with hot, humid summers, thus it feels really differently to live in different cities of China. The major big cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, are modern metropolises with excellent public transport systems, vibrant nightlife and a number of hotels, shops and cultural attractions.

Chinese culture



Chinese culture has been developing constantly, but its core is rooted in Confucianism, which emphasizes family values and social harmony. A number of traditional Chinese festivals and customs are important components of Chinese people’s lives.

  • The Spring Festival, also called Lunar Chinese New Year, marks another new year of hard work and harvest, and people will return to their homes for their families’ union.

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  • Dragonboat Festival is set in memory of the well-known Chinese poet, Qu Yuan, when people eat rich dumplings, which is a kind of traditional food Chinese people used to throw in the river to keep the fish from eating Qu Yuan’s body.

    Dragon boat racing
  • The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated based on the beautiful Chinese tale of Chang’e, on which day people make and eat mooncakes, a kind of snack made according to the shape of the moon.


Learning Chinese culture and traditions can help you know more about this time-honored country, and mastering some basic Chinese language skills and cultural norms can help you navigate daily life in China more easily and make meaningful connections with Chinese people.

The cost of living in China



The cost of living in China varies depending which city and area you are going to live in.  Generally, living expenses in smaller cities and rural areas is lower than those in major urban cities, yet the cost of living in China’s major cities can still be high, especially for housing and healthcare.

Also studying in schools in major cities costs much more, thus if you want to come to study in China, you must consider your economic situation and find the most suitable city for you to live in.

Living in China can prove to be a challenge for you if you have never been to China, but it must can also be an experience widening your horizon and exposing yourself to valuable culture and knowledge, offering a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern innovation.

Welcome to China to study,

and explore the depth and weight of this great country!

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