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Transferring universities in China as an international student can be a complex process, but with careful planning and following the necessary steps, it can be accomplished. Here is a general guide on how to transfer universities in China:

1. Research and identify the target university:

  • Explore different universities that offer the program/major you wish to pursue.
  • Consider factors such as reputation, rankings, course curriculum, location, and facilities.
  • Ensure that the new university accepts transfer students and offers admission to international students.

2. Contact the target university:

  • Reach out to the admissions office or international student office of the target university for specific information about their transfer application process.
  • Inquire about the admission requirements, documents needed, and application deadlines.
  • Seek clarification on any questions you may have regarding the transfer process.


3. Evaluate your eligibility:

  • Review your academic transcripts to determine if your current coursework aligns with the requirements of the target university.
  • Check if your current university has a credit transfer system in place. This will help determine which courses can be transferred to the new university.


4. Prepare the necessary documents:

  • Academic documents: Gather your transcripts, course syllabi, and any other relevant academic records from your current university.
  • Personal documents: Prepare a copy of your passport, visa, residence permit, and any other identification documents required by the target university。
  • Language proficiency: Check if you need to provide language proficiency test scores such as HSK (for non-native Chinese speakers) or IELTS/TOEFL (for courses taught in English).

5. Application submission:

  • Complete the application form provided by the target university, ensuring that all sections are filled accurately.
  • Pay attention to any required application fees and make the payment within the specified timeframe.
  • Submit the application along with the required documents as per the instructions provided by the target university. Ensure that all documents are correctly translated into Chinese if necessary.

6. Wait for the admission decision:

  • After submitting your application, wait for the university’s response. Admission decisions may take several weeks or months.
  • Stay in touch with the admissions office to inquire about the status of your application if necessary.

7. Acceptance and enrollment:

  • If you receive an offer of admission, carefully review the acceptance letter and any conditions outlined by the university.
  • Confirm your acceptance by the deadline specified in the letter.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the university regarding enrollment procedures, including payment of tuition fees and obtaining a new visa if required.

8. Inform your current university:

  • Once you have secured admission to the new university, inform your current university about your decision to transfer. Follow their procedures for withdrawal or transfer.

9. Accommodation and logistics:

  • Arrange accommodation at your new university. Seek assistance from the international student office or housing services to explore available options.
  • Plan your logistics, such as travel arrangements (if applicable) and transferring any necessary funds or personal belongings.

10. Arrival and orientation:

  • Attend the orientation program provided by the new university for incoming transfer students. This will help you familiarize yourself with the campus, academic procedures, and support services available.

Remember, the transfer process may vary among universities and programs, so it is essential to closely follow the instructions and requirements provided by the target university. It is also advisable to start the process well in advance to allow sufficient time for application and visa procedures. Additionally, seek guidance from the international student office at both your current and prospective universities to ensure a smooth transfer experience.

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