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A personal picture showcasing Hot Pot cuisine in Shanghai China, roughly 5 minutes away from my university.

I had the opportunity of studying abroad in China for 6 months, and needless to say that after the experience, my taste for Chinese food will never be satisfied with what is served, Chinese dish wise, here in the United States.

Let me elaborate. For the longest time, my “experience” in consuming Chinese food consisted of greasy Chinese buffets, Panda Express, and instant noodle. I was worried, going into China, that staple foods such as rice and noodle were going to be bland just like their American counterparts.

Boy was I wrong.

There’s limitless positivities to say about the experience that comes with eating Chinese cuisine. Never before had I had the opportunity to:

  • Eat Chinese food family style.
  • Explore different ethnicities of Chinese cuisine, ie. Sichuan.
  • Try an endless variety of Chinese dumplings, i.e.. Xiaolongbao.
  • Eat with unique Chinese utensils outside of chopsticks.
  • Consume street cuisine that can be qualifiable as both filling and delicious. (In elaboration, street food in America is either one or the other)
  • Try a plethora of asian cuisines, cooked and served equivalently to their respective styles, outside of China, ie. Korean Barbecue, Teppanyaki, etc.
  • Discover a liking for hot pot.
  • Consume “USA taboo” foods, ie. chicken feet, octopus, etc.

In summary, Chinese cuisine further enhances the experience of living, studying, and exploring China. In my time of world travel, China’s diverse offerings trump any other country’s food.

Disagree? Buy a plane ticket to China. You’re welcome.

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