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HomeChinese Classical Literature《菜根谭》(积累念难、倾覆思易) ~ with English Translations

《菜根谭》(积累念难、倾覆思易) ~ with English Translations

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When we consider that the merits which we benefit from today were earned by our forefathers, we should reflect on the difficulties they had to undergo in order to acquire those merits. When we wonder what happiness our descendants will enjoy, we should consider how easy it will be for them to squander the legacy we bequeath to them.

(保罗·怀特 译)

The life we have today is just the bounties our forefathers had left over to us. Therefore, we should appreciate all the time the hardships they had gone through to accumulate them. The fortune our descendants will inherit from us lies in the wealth we have created. Therefore, we should constantly remind them of the aptness there might be to ruin it.

(周文标 译)

To know the merits and favours left by one’s ancestors, one needs only to look at what one is enjoying at present; one must not forget all the trouble they went to in order to accumulate them. To know the happiness to be received by one’s descendants, one needs only to look at what one is leaving behind; one must remember all the risk they may run of losing it.

(蒋坚松 译)

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