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于右任 草书:韩偓《三月》

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于右任 草书:韩偓《三月》







【Simple Translation】

  The first two stanzas of the poem describe March from two perspectives, choosing things with characteristics. The first line is written from the viewpoint of scenery, as the peach blossoms are just fading away, and then the peach blossoms are opening up again, which brings out the beautiful scene of all the flowers blooming in March; the second line is written from the viewpoint of festivals, as the joy of trekking is still in the mind, and the Cold Food Festival is coming again, followed by the Qingming Festival, one after another. So it is said that the best time of the year is March.

  The main idea of this poem is the fourth line. The poet uses metaphors and padding to express the main idea of the poem. The poet compares the youth with the beautiful March, and the first three lines describe the beauty of March to the utmost, paving the way for the fourth line to lament that the beautiful youthful days are gone, creating a huge psychological gap for the reader and impacting the reader’s mind.

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