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HomeChinese Music and LyricsAlan Tam (譚詠麟, Tam Wing-lun) – 无言感激 ~ lyrics + English

Alan Tam (譚詠麟, Tam Wing-lun) – 无言感激 ~ lyrics + English

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仿佛将从前的欢笑 过去落寞的眼泪
再缅怀 內里血汗水偶尔倦透倦极或会说负累
欢呼声时常冲击我 教我踏步不畏惧
纵有困难 亦要拚命追岁月无声消逝 欢呼中不会醉

信念藏于心内 感激暖暖热爱
心坎中无形的郁结 也有热泪想下垂
却倒流 换上血汗水岁月无声消逝 讲一声真爱你
信念藏于心内 感激千千百句

Speechless Gratitude

Every time when I cannot go to sleep in the middle of the silent night
I love watching old photos and things, or cry a tear secretly
As if all the fun in the past, the lonely tears at the past
Are once again recalled, the effort inside, sometimes I am tired, very tired that I may say it is a burden
Every time when I think of the passionate love
The cheers always dash towards me, teach me to stand tough and never fear
Despite of obstacles, I still have to strive through, chasing down the fading years, not to get drunk in the cheers
Even when I have got it, I will still be eager to get more

Faith is hidden in the heart, heartfelt gratitude with passion
Though I have tears, I smile while enduring, the loved silence at night is in deep slumber
Love to smile but I fear fake ones
The intangible depression in my heart, sometimes I want to cry
But the tears go back, it becomes the fading years, say ‘I love you’
Every bit of my effort and voice I muster
Faith is hidden in the heart, thousands, hundreds of gratitude
Though I have tears, I smile while enduring

Submitted by 1998Ruby1998

Author’s comments:
The translation above is phrase to phrase, Chinese words have many meanings and cannot be expressed totally in English.

Silent gratitude

Inevitablely silent night makes me stay up.
Be addicted to old photos old things with quiet tears.
The past smiles and tears seem.
Sometimes penetrates my sweat & escapes from my nonsenses.
Every words remind the passion and accompany.
Laughs often strike me and lead me to advance.
To overcome difficulties and persues hard.
Times fade away with nobody overdrunk.
Getting it I will keep on improving.

faith hides within my heart keeping warm inside.
I struggle to smile to bear the tears.
Be fanscinated with the silent night which seems fast asleep.
Be fond of langh while be afraid of fake masks.
Confussion within heart and tears within eyes.
Makes it upside down and becomes sweat.
Show my true love with time goes by silently.
Songs describe every minute .
Faith is in my heart and thanks are on my mind.
I struggle to smile to bear the weigh of tears.

Submitted by wuhuahua089

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Alan Tam
Alan Tam
Alan Tam Wing-lun MH is a Hong Kong singer and actor. He played a major role in developing the Cantopop scene in the 1980s as he was known for singing romantic ballads with modern arrangements. Wikipedia


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