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By ZOU SHUO | China Daily 

Grassroots authorities and volunteers have been encouraged to help families look after children during summer vacations, a notice said on Friday.

As schoolchildren in the country have welcomed a two-month summer vacation, a notice issued by the All-China Women’s Federation and 13 other departments has encouraged community workers, women and child workers and volunteers to offer psychological help, academic guidance, legal consultation and care to children in need.

Finding suitable people to look after their children and enough activities to enrich their lives during summer vacation is a common issue for many working parents.

Various activities will be carried out to guide the children to learn traditional and revolutionary culture, the notice said.

Authorities will also invite role models to tell their stories to children, so they can develop perseverance, good virtue and socialist values, it said.

Meanwhile, more efforts will be made to make sure parents take responsibility in educating children. Parenting classrooms and psychological health seminars will be held to help parents learn scientific parenting skills, the notice said.

Anti-drowning, anti-abducting and anti-sexual assault campaigns will be carried out, so that children will increase their safety awareness, it said.

Authorities will also make concerted efforts to regulate the online environment during the summer vacation, the notice said.

Various cultural and sports activities will be held to enrich students’ summer vacation, reduce the rate of obesity and myopia, and help students develop a healthy body, according to the notice.

After-school institutions are encouraged to conduct training to develop students’ non-academic skills, guide parents and children to attend science courses and participate in volunteering work, go to cultural, sports and scientific venues together, to help improve the children’s comprehensive skills, the notice added.

The Ministry of Education also asked local education authorities and schools to make efforts to prevent accidents involving students during summer vacation.

In a notice issued on Friday, the ministry said schools should give all students safety education before the summer vacation, focusing on drowning, fires, traffic accidents, food poisoning, natural disasters, fraud, online addiction, bullying and sexual assault, the notice said.

Special attention should be paid to left-behind children whose parents work in cities and are looked after by grandparents, it said.

Schools offering summer daycare services should also carry out safety-hazard inspections. Meanwhile, parents should take a rational view of summer vacation and extracurricular tutoring and choose such services cautiously to prevent accidents, it added.

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