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Chinese Language

The university is a comprehensive key university, and it is ranked as the 69th top university in China in the year 2013.
It is very popular among international students.

For now, it offers International Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship.

Scholarship Info

Free Tuition, Free Accommodation on Campus

Living Expenses Allowance (2500 RMB/Month)

Degree: Non-degree

Major: Chinese Language

Duration: 1 Semester/ 1 Year

Intake: 2023 Spring

Age: 18-35

City: Hangzhou

Required Docs:

  1. Passport-sized Photo
  2. Passport ID Page
  3. Chinese Language Proficiency Certificate (1. International Chinese Language Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Chinese Philosophy and other directions: HSK (Level 3) ≥ 180, with HSKK score. 2. Chinese medicine, Taiji culture direction: HSK score with HSKK score is preferred.)
  4. Application Form

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