How to participate in offline social activities?

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1. Activity row platform: the exciting city life of the activity row

exciting city life of the activity row

The activity line is said to be the largest Chinese activity platform in the world. Shenzhen Station has a wealth of workplaces and entertainment activities: skills sharing, movie talk shows, forum lectures, seminars…

Advantages: The amount of activity is relatively large, and the activity update speed is also very fast.

Disadvantages: relatively few music and performance activities.


2. Join some local event communities (recommended by friends, add the organizer’s WeChat when participating in offline events, local information public accounts, or WeChat/Weibo/Douban can search for the official accounts of local social events, and register for events of interest in time)


The number of offline events, gatherings and activities does not need to be too large. It’s a good thing to figure out the purpose of participating in activities, socializing or learning skills, and gains are good. Share a sentence: the difference between life and survival lies in your radius of activity.


3. There are also club activities in the school. You can actively join all kinds of clubs that you are interested in. The club will also organize outings or dinner parties from time to time. If you participate in more such activities, you will know more people and expand your social circle.

club activities


4. There are also some mobile apps and WeChat applets that specifically organize offline activities, such as script kill, escape room and other games. You can find someone to join in a team on it. If you like this kind of brain-burning group game, then you can pay more attention to some news in this regard.

script kill

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