How to use the Chinese social media?

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Social media is very popular in China. If you study in China, you must learn to use relevant social media, otherwise it will be difficult for you to socialize in China. First of all, you need to know which social software Chinese people usually use, such as WeChat, Weibo, Zhihu, Douban, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Kuaishou, etc. These are all very popular social media in China. Studies have shown that about 70% of Chinese marketers will use their advertising resources on social networks and video sites. So if you use social media properly, you can even make money from it.



WeChat is the most popular social media website in China, with 768 million daily active users. Everyone communicates through WeChat, and can also run our lives through the app, book movie tickets, pay bills, etc. WeChat payment is also a very important payment method for us now. This part of the website also has a detailed introduction. So if you live in China, WeChat is an essential social app.


Weibo refers to a broadcast-style social media and network platform that shares short and real-time information through a follow mechanism based on the sharing, dissemination, and acquisition of user relationship information. The user realizes the instant sharing and dissemination of information in multimedia forms such as text, pictures, and videos. If you follow stars, Weibo is a very good platform. You can participate in activities with celebrities you like. On Weibo, you can participate in any topic or group you are interested in. You will find that there are many very interesting people on it. You can also follow real-time hot news on Weibo Hot Search.


Douban is a community website. He provides information about books, movies, music and other works. Both descriptions and comments are provided by users (User-generated content, UGC). The website also provides book video and audio recommendations, offline activities in the same city, group topic exchanges and other services. , It is more like an innovative network service integrating taste system (reading, movie, music), expression system (I read, I watch, I listen) and communication system (same city, group, neighbors), and has been committed to helping Urban people find useful things in life. If you want to watch a movie, you can first go to Douban to see his general introduction and the evaluation of people he has seen. This can prevent you from seeing a movie you don’t like and wasting your time. There are many topic groups in Douban, you can choose the ones you are interested in to join.



Zhihu, a high-quality Q&A community on the Chinese Internet and an original content platform gathered by creators, has the brand mission of “allowing people to better share knowledge, experience and insights and find their own answers”. If you have your own confusion about a certain problem but don’t know how to ask for help, you can ask questions on Zhihu. Perhaps you will find that others have the same confusion as you. Take a look at other people’s experiences, maybe Your problem will be solved.



Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle platform and consumer decision-making portal. In the Xiaohongshu community, users record the positive energy and good life of young people in this era through the sharing of text, pictures, and video notes. For shopping, food, and surrounding tourist attractions, you can find relevant recommendations on it. For example, when you see a restaurant on the Internet and hesitate to go, you can search for this restaurant on Xiaohongshu and see the reviews of other people who have been there, so you know whether this restaurant is worth visiting.



The two apps of Kuaishou and Tik Tok(Douyin) are mainly short video communities, which are platforms for users to record and share production and life. If you like short videos, you can also shoot videos on it to attract fans, you can interact with fans, and even you can initiate offline activities centered on you.




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