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Legends of the Condor Heroes 06《长春服输》 ~ Wuxia Novels & Books

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Sha Tongtian saw that his younger martial brother was in danger. He jumped up to fight and fended off Mei Chaofeng’s fierce grasp. Their wrists crossed, and they both felt their arms sour and scared.

At this time, the left side hissed, and Peng Lianhu’s bead money dart was also attacked. Mei Chao threw Hou Tonghai’s body back and forth.

“Ah,” shouted Hou Tonghai, who was hit by a dart. Sha Tongtian was afraid that he would fall to the ground, so he flew over and put his palm on his waist.

Hou Tonghai flew up like a paper kite. His left hand swung away along the trend and hit him with a fist. His arm was just the right length, hitting three internal tumors on his forehead heavily.

Hou Tonghai’s sarcoma has just hit the fist, and Peng Lianhu’s money escort has hit Mei Chaofeng in succession. At the same time, Ouyang Ke, Liang Ziweng and Sha Tongtian attacked from the front, back and left.

Sha Tongtian shouted, “Shoot the horse first!” The stone leg swept across and kicked Guo Jing fiercely. Mei Chaofeng was shocked. His right hand shook and a whip was waved.

When Huang Rong saw that Guo Jing was in danger, she was anxious to save her. Suddenly, a man on the top of the wall shouted, “Stop, everyone. I have something to say.” When I looked back, I saw six people standing tall and short on the wall. They were the six monsters in the south of the Yangtze River. They tracked down Ouyang Ke, who had robbed the women of a good family, and came to King Zhao’s mansion.

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