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Legends of the Condor Heroes 09《荒村野店》 ~ Wuxia Novels & Books

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After Huang Rong left the palace that night, she ran for a while in a panic. Seeing no one chasing after him, he slowed down and hid in an alley. He stretched his fingers and touched Guo Ta for a breath. He was still breathing. He climbed out of the city wall overnight and rushed to the Fool’s Shop.

When she opened the inn and sat down, Huang Rong calmed down a little. She struggled to light pine firewood and took a picture of Guo Jing’s face. Seeing that his eyes were closed and his face was like white paper, and his life and death were unpredictable, he was so scared that he stood still and stood still.

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from the side to pick up the pine firewood. Huang Rong looked back and saw it was a fool. There are many people around me, so I’m more daring. Huang Rong was trying to check where Guo Jing was injured when he saw a dagger stuck in his waist under the fire.

Huang Rong saw that the blade of the knife was several inches deep in human flesh, and thought that if he pulled out the dagger, he would only die on the spot; However, it is even more difficult to save for a long time. Hesitate several times, but never make up your mind.

Seeing the boss’s impatience, the fool suddenly reached out and grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled it out with great force. Guo and Huang shouted in unison, but the fool seemed to have done a funny thing and laughed.

When the dagger was pulled out, a sharp pain woke Guo Jing up from a coma. Huang Rong knelt beside him in the light of the fire. He asked, “Has Grandpa Yue’s book been stolen?” Huang Rong listened to him and was very happy. He quickly replied, “Don’t worry, the thief can’t get it…”

Guo Jing saw tears on Huang Rong’s face and said, “I will not die. There are healing methods in the the Nine Yin Manual, just to find a quiet place. You have to work hard seven days and seven nights.”

Hearing this, Huang Rong immediately saw a bright light in the dark. She hurriedly washed his wound, applied the golden wound medicine and bandaged it. Huang Rong saw the cupboard in a flash and thought, “Yes, we will hide in this secret room to cure the wound.”

At this time, it was already dark. Huang Rong thought that it was too hot to store food. He bought a load of watermelon in the village, moved into the secret room one by one, and helped Guo Jing go in.

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