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Liu Huan (刘欢)- 凤凰于飞 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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旧梦依稀 往事迷离 春花秋月里
如雾里看花 水中望月 漂来又浮去
君来有声 君去无语 翻云覆雨里
虽两情相惜 两心相仪 得来复失去
有诗待和 有歌待应 有心待相系
望长相思 望长相守 却空留琴与笛

以情相悦 以心相许 以身相偎依
愿勿相忘 愿勿相负 又奈何恨与欺

得非所愿 愿非所得 看命运嘲弄 造化游戏
真情诺诺 终于 随乱红飞花去

期盼明月 期盼朝阳 期盼春风浴
可逆风不解 挟雨伴雪 摧梅折枝去
凤凰于飞 翙翙其羽 远去无痕迹
听梧桐细雨 瑟瑟其叶 随风摇记忆
梧桐细雨 瑟瑟其叶 随风摇记忆

English #1 – Flying Phoenix

The old dream is misty, and the things I am thinking of are far away in the spring flowers and autumn moon.
Looking at flowers in the fog, watching the moon in the water, coming and going
When she comes there is sound, when she is gone it is silent in the tumbling clouds and pouring rain.
Although the two of us are in love and happy together, everything we receive, we lose.

There are poems and songs waiting to be completed, and hearts waiting to be reunited
Hoping to be missed and hoping to be reunited, but the zither and flute lay untouched
We are in love, our hearts are one and our bodies are nestled against one another
I hope we won’t forget or betray each other, however there is hate and bullying

We are unable to get what we want, but receive what we don’t
It all depends on how fate plans it, treating our fortune as a game
True love was promised, but eventually flies away with red flowers

Hoping for a bright moon, a bright sun and to bask in the spring breeze
But the tumultuous wind will not stop, accompanied by rain and snow which breaks the cherry blossom branches
The Phoenix flies, there is the sound of its wings and then it is gone without a trace
Listening to the rain on the trees howling between the leaves, the wind stirs up memories
The rain is howling between the leaves, the wind stirs up memories.

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Liu Huan
Liu Huan
Liu Huan is a Chinese singer and songwriter. He is one of China's modern era pioneers in pop music. He combines his music career with teaching the history of Western music at the Beijing University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Wikipedia


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