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Lu Yu: Expecting Leisure

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Expecting Leisure

闲 意
柴 门 虽 设 不 曾 开
为 怕 行 人 损 绿 苔。
妍 日 渐 催 春 意 动
好 风 时 卷 市 声 来。
学 经 妻 问 生 疏 字
尝 酒 儿 斟 潋 滟 杯。
安 得 小 园 宽 半 亩
黄 梅 绿 李 一 时 栽?
Xian Yi

Chai men sui she bu ceng kai
Wei pa xing ren sun lu tai.
Yan ri jian cui chun yi dong
Hao feng shi juan shi sheng lai.

Xue jing qi wen sheng shu zi
Chang jiu er zhen lian yan bei.
An de xiao yuan kuan ban mu
Huang mei lu li yi shi zai?


Expecting Leisure

Although my door is made from firewood, not once have I had to open it
Afraid the travelers will destroy my patches of green moss.
Beautiful days hasten the onset of spring
Season for fine winds to swirl the market sounds towards me.

Study old books, wife and children need my help to explain the characters
My youngsters pour the wine to overflowing, cup after cup.
Given the peace and contentment of a small garden on a comfortable half mu
Could I plant yellow plum and green pear trees in one season?



[Written in November 1177 AD, Lu talks about his wife. She (1127-1197) was born, raised and met Lu in Sichuan Province.]

Green moss: Often used as code words for seclusion and serenity.

Mu: Area of land of about 1/6 of an acre.

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