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Lu Yu: Thinking of Mt. Gu

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Thinking of Mt. Gu

思 故 山
千 金 不 须 买 画 图
听 我 长 歌 歌 镜 湖。
湖 山 奇 丽 说 不 尽
且 复 为 子 陈 吾 庐。
柳 姑 庙 前 鱼 作 市
道 士 庄 畔 菱 为 租。
一 弯 画 桥 出 林 薄
两 岸 红 蓼 连 菰 蒲。
陂 南 陂 北 鸦 阵 黑
舍 西 舍 东 枫 叶 赤。
正 当 九 月 十 月 时
放 翁 艇 子 无 时 出。
船 头 一 束 书
船 后 一 壶 酒。
新 钓 紫 鳜 鱼
旋 洗 白 莲 藕。
从 渠 贵 人 食 万 钱
放 翁 痴 腹 常 便 便。
暮 归 稚 子 迎 我 笑
遥 指 一 抹 西 村 烟。


Si Gu Shan

Qian jin bu xu mai hua tu
Ting wo chang ge ge jing hu.
Hu shan qi li shui bu jin
Qie fu wei zi chen wu lu.

Liu gu miao qian yu zuo shi
Dao shi zhuang pan ling wei zu.
Yi wan hua qiao chu lin bo
Liang an hong liao lian gu pu.

Po nan po bei ya zhen hei
She xi she dong feng ye chi.
Zheng dang jiu yue shi yue shi
Fang wen ting zi wu shi chu.

Chuan tou yi shu shu
Chuan hou yi hu jiu.
Xin diao zi gui yu
Xuan xi bai lian ou.

Cong qu gui ren shi wan qian
Fang wen chi fu chang bian bian.
Mu gui zhi zi ying wo xiao
Yao zhi yi mo xi cun yan.


Thinking of Mt. Gu

One thousand in gold not enough to buy the regional paintings and drawings
Hear my long songs from Jing lake.
Cannot convince others how beautiful are the lakes and mountains
From now on to the end, they put on displays from my hut.

Willow trees in front of a nunnery, fish show up in the markets
Let others pick the water caltrop that border the Daoist scholar’s village.
Picturesque crooked bridge comes out from a thin forest
Both riverbanks have red knotgrass mingled with wild rice and cattails.

North hills, southern hills home for battle formations of black ducks
Houses west, houses to the east, bright red maple leaves.
Just the time for the ninth and tenth month season
This free old man can go out in his light skiff anytime he wants.

Boat’s bow with a bundle of bound books
Boat’s stern with one pot of wine.
Start fishing for the local zigui fish
Soon clean up the white lotus roots.

The palace nobility would need ten thousand in cash to pay for a meal like this
This free old man constantly full of a turbulent stomach.
Return at sunset, much laughter when meeting the children
They point into the distance at me when the mists come into the western part of the village.



Zigui fish:  Fish native to the sections of the Changjiang (Yangzi River) in western Hubei Province.

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