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Power Station (動力火車) – 冲动 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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想你的时候 像掉进一个黑洞
看不见天日 像寒雪般冰冻
我始终不懂 爱与恨有什么不同
你伤心的眼瞳 让我慢慢失控 慢慢失控

拥抱的时候 却得到一场落空
吹进心的风 是无情的嘲弄
笑与哭不同 就算再痛也看不透
你无言的嘴角 让我慢慢冲动 慢慢冲动

冲动 我的手在发抖 爱情路是那么陡
走了好久没尽头 你选择留 我选择走
冲动 我的心在颤抖 怎么和时间搏斗
虽然还是被捉弄 爱你的冲动 心甘情愿被你玩弄

English #1 – Impulsive Love

It’s like falling into a black hole whenever I’m thinking of you
Can’t see the sky nor the sun, and it’s freezing
It seems hard for me to understand what’s the difference between love and hate
Your disappointed look at me make me lost control, lost control of myself

You ain’t there when I’m trying to hug you
Even the wind is laughing at me, at my naivety
It’s different between laughing and crying, even if it hurts, I can’t seems to see through it
You became speechless, and it made me impulsive, impulsive to love you

Impulse, the hands that are holding you are trembling, and this road of love is so hard
It’s been so far since we came through, you decided to stay, but I wanna leave
Impulse, the heart that is loving you are trembling too, how do I fight against time
Though I know you are just flirting with me, but the impulse to love you made me willing to just bear with it.

Submitted by Guiwawa

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Power Station
Power Station
A power station, also referred to as a power plant and sometimes generating station or generating plant, is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power. Power stations are generally connected to an electrical grid. Wikipedia


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