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Entries: Shaohua, Normal University
Category: Photography
Author: Yu Meng
College and Department: Grade 21 Undergraduate of School of Psychology
Shooting date: April 12, 2022; September 10, 2022
Location: Near Building 3, Meiyuan, Changqing Lake Campus, Shandong Normal University; Artificial lake and nearby square in Changqing Lake Campus of Shandong Normal University; Near Zhuyuan, Changqinghu Campus of Shandong Normal University
Creative ideas:
When preparing to participate in this competition, Fan Zhongyan’s Yueyang Tower came to mind.
On a foggy day in late spring, I walked on the campus road and came to the intersection near Meiyuan. It was foggy and drizzly at that time. A large number of blooming cherry blossoms were shrouded in mist and rain. It was really beautiful. I continued to walk along the path to the central lake, where the rain stopped suddenly. “When the spring is bright, the waves are calm, and the sky is bright and clear”, “The shore is clear and blue”, and “The lake is sparkling, and willows are leaning on it, full of vitality and vitality.
Continue to walk along the path to the central square, and find three cats of different colors playing, very comfortable.
I boarded the second floor of the Second Meal and looked around. Near the Mid Autumn Festival, we boarded the second floor of the Second Meal and looked far away. The dormitory building and the mountains were shrouded in mist, and the artistic conception was hazy.
On the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival, I came to the central lake again. At this time, it was “a long smoke, a bright moon, a bright moon, a floating light, and a still shadow”. While enjoying the moon, I ate moon cakes and called my family to report peace.
The scenery of the mountain master is different from time to time, which makes people relaxed and happy. I just want to be in her arms.

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