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The Story of Li Bai《李白醉酒草番书》 ~ Picture-Story Book

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The mighty Yangtze River flows for thousands of miles. A flat boat flew straight down, with heavy rocks and peaks rushing across its face. Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, was sitting in the bow of the boat. In order to realize his great wish of “assisting the world”, he resigned his relatives and traveled far.


The boat entered Qutang Gorge, the mountains blocking the sun, and the river roared. On the ship ahead, a purple robe painter was painting with a brush. Li Bai untied the money bag from his waist and threw it to the boatman, signaling to board the ship.


The small boat overtook the big boat and leaned forward strongly. The boatman on the big ship screamed in horror, “This is the gate of death, you are crazy!” But both the painter and Li Bai seemed not to hear. The painter took his time to paint, but saw the Yangtze River reaching the bottom of his brush.


The boatman clasped the ship’s side with all his strength, and the boat jumped violently in the raging waves. “Brave!” Li Bai shouted loudly as he stood in the bow of the boat. The voice echoed through the mountains and waves.


The painter was still engrossed in his painting, but smiled and asked, “Are you praising this mountain or my painting?” Li Bai said, “I praise the sunset and the sun! Are you Dr. Wu Daozi?” The painter replied, “It’s me. You…”


The boatman could no longer support him, and with a release of his hand, the boat flew away like a broken kite. As the raging waves splashed, Li Bai pressed his sword and stood at the bow of the boat, shouting, “Shu people, Li Bai!” When Wu Daozi looked again, the boat was already as small as a leaf in the lower reaches.


The astute boy quickly unfolded a plain silk vertical axis, and Wu Daozi waved it with one stroke. In the painting, Li Bai was as ethereal as an immortal, riding the wind and waves, and roaring like phoenix clouds. Title: Li Bai, a native of Shu. Signed by: Wu Daozi, 14th year of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


When Wu Daozi arrived in Luoyang, he unfolded a scroll of Li Bai at a banquet held by Yongwang Lin, introducing the scene of his meeting with Li Bai. All the scholars here wanted to see Li Bai. Wu Daozi said, “I heard that Li Bai has arrived in Chang’an.”

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