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China proves to be a unique destination with numerous opportunities for any person who values growth and prosperity. Any person interested in studying in China gets a chance to enter a new culture and an experience that’s different from what the usual offers. Furthermore, the numerous opportunities to develop oneself, secure jobs after graduation, and set up your own business speaks volumes about one’s assured growth when one studies there.

One may argue that the Great Wall of China in Beijing is conceivably the most famous landmark, but there’s a lot more exciting you can see and discover. One may think that China is not a secure country to study in, but one might be surprised that China welcomes over 400,000 international students yearly. A group of researchers conducted studies on the decreasing number of International students who goes to Europe and America for studies to those who go to China and found China to be registering the highest number of International students yearly. This was attributed to its so much beauty and opportunities superior to Europe and America.

Studying in Beijing:

On my part, there are striking differences between my home country Kenya and China. From opportunities to the beauty of the landscape, the two countries differ immeasurably. Because of the minimal or lack of opportunities in Kenya, the citizens have gone ahead to destroy the landscape through activities that are presumed to earn them an income oblivious of the dangers these activities pose to the environment. Activities such as mining and deforestation for minerals and timbers respectively have rendered the landscape ugly. On the other hand, China employs the best practices to nurture and maintain the beautiful landscape of its land. Therefore, studying in China gave me a fantastic experience which when I came back to my home country, brought a life-changing experience to those I left behind. My narrations and the workshops that I have been holding on environment conservation changed the overall view of the Kenyans on the environment. This has left them yearning to do everything to preserve their landscape afterward. The huge open pits that were left by mining activities are now filled, and trees planted with the once ugly landscape regaining its shape. Thanks to my studies in China.

Moreover, studying in China has offered me a chance to learn more about Chinese culture, language, food, and clothing. Firstly, I feel that on matters of culture, China has reinforced my understanding of cultural values to nurture relationships. China values harmony, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, benevolence, righteousness, and courtesy. All these values are critical in keeping the country and its people at peace and China has sophisticated means of ensuring this. For instance, I discovered that Chinese people are very cautious and keep sensitive matters to themselves and this helps in building good relationships. On the other hand, in my homeland, it’s the citizens’ nature to speak their minds. The two natures of the two nations can harm and benefit at the same time. My study in China has helped me to learn to blend the two and the results are amazing. I disseminate these cultural values to my community and this has promoted peace by teaching the importance of keeping calm and minding one’s language to keep healthy relationships. The seminars I have held on the importance of these values have yielded positively, thanks to my study in China.

Chinese clothing – wikipedia

The second issue where China differs from my homeland is the clothing. The kind of clothing worn by the Chinese people depicts respect and morality at its best. Chinese people wear decent clothes that cover the entire body well. In Kenya, the slogan

‘my dress my choice’

is commonly used by most people and tends to erode vital moral values amongst people. My study in China has guided my thoughts on this slogan and can now not only dress to my choice but for decency. It is believed that the morals of an individual are measured by the way one dresses. Indeed, this is proven to be true as all that I have talked to regarding this have turned a new leaf. In short, Studying in China has promoted good morals in my community.

Another issue is that of food. In Chinese culture, a meal consists of two parts; staple food, vegetables, and meat dishes unlike in my home country, Kenya where meat or animal protein is taken as the main dish. Chinese culture food seems to focus more on multiple foods to form the main meal whereas, in Kenya, natives believe in specific foods and a single food can make up a meal. This implies that in the East, people eat and live healthier as they take varied foods with numerous nutrients all in one meal. After my study in China, I have learned how to eat and live healthily through proper choices and a combination of foods. Sharing these tips on trying varied foods for meals has helped in keeping many diseases at bay.

In a nutshell, studying in China has had and will continue to have a tremendously positive effect on other cultures’ lives in matters of societal values, food, clothing, and social interactions as these International students go spreading the gospel on their new adventures to their communities. Therefore, I must encourage more people to study in China for the betterment of their societies.

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