Warmly Welcome the Visit from Hubei University Of Economics

Deputy Director from Hubei University of Economics visited iStudy Education Group for inspection and guidance.

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On July 17, 2023, Ping Yi, Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department and Deputy Secretary of the School of International Education at Hubei University of Economics, visited iStudy Education Group for inspection and guidance. The two sides held discussions and exchanges on various interesting work such as studying abroad in China and intercollegiate cooperation, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

Accompanied by CEO Rao Sha of iStudy Education Group, Deputy Director Ping Yi visited the cultural walls, office spaces, and other areas of iStudy Education Group to gain a comprehensive understanding of our company’s establishment, business scope, and institutional operations. Subsequently, both parties focused on the cooperation plan for the intended project and discussed through discussions, and have reached preliminary cooperation intentions, laying the foundation for a long-term strategic framework cooperation agreement.

At the meeting, Deputy Director Pingyi at Hubei University of Economics introduced the school’s international development demands from the two ports of the International Cooperation Office and the National Academy of Education. First of all, Ping Yi fed back the gap of studying in China this year and the international enrollment of two major specialties that need to be developed next year, namely, the Department of Culinary Nutrition (Chu Cuisine Research Institute) and the specialty of low-carbon economics; Secondly, Ping Yi expressed the need for cooperation in the direction of going abroad, such as Sino foreign cooperative education, summer and winter camps, master’s degree promotion, and graduate preparatory programs; Finally, Ping Yi expressed his interest in projects such as overseas student base and overseas exhibitions.

Mr. Wang Liang, COO of iStudy Education Group, introduced the company’s establishment, business scope, institutional operations, and various business developments on behalf of the company. Based on the school’s international development demands, we provided our company’s solutions and suggestions. We have provided suggestions for the promotion and enrollment plan of studying abroad in China, cooperation suggestions for overseas projects, and suggestions for overseas base construction to the school. Both parties will sign a strategic framework cooperation agreement for the exchange of projects, and will continue to promote the implementation of each project in the future.

At the meeting, both sides analyzed and discussed projects such as cooperation in studying abroad and enrollment in China, Hungary’s cooperative education, summer and winter camps, master’s degree promotion, overseas exhibitions, and overseas base construction. After the meeting, COO Wang Liang and attendees of iStudy Education Group will provide feasible suggestions and implementation for Hungary’s cooperative education, summer and winter camp projects, and study abroad platform settlement services based on the actual situation and goal planning of the school.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Hubei University of Economics for its continued trust and support in our company. iStudy Education Group will continue to work alongside you to assist the school in exploring more channels for overseas students, promote further improvement and efficiency in the school’s study abroad work in China, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the school’s study abroad education in China.

Hubei University of Economics (hereinafter as HBUE) is a full-time provincial university that has both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, approved by the Ministry of Education in September 2002. The history could be dated back to 1907, when the Hubei Commercial College was founded by Zhang Zhidong. The University now boasts 62 undergraduate programs, 16,976 enrolled undergraduate students, 775 enrolled postgraduate students, 1,070 full-time teaching faculties, including 139 professors, 412 associate professors, and 556 with Doctor’s degree, accounting 51.96% of the total. The beautiful campus sits by a belt of crystal water, looks fare into a distant mountain, with fresh air in the midst of lush tree and is an ideal place to study and pursue academically.

HBUE forms a main trunk of economics and management science along with a related disciplinary system of law, literature, science, engineering and arts. Currently, the university has established 4 provincial-level clusters of advantageous and characteristic disciplines in modern service industry, regional economic development and carbon neutrality, law, and artificial intelligence, and 4 provincial key disciplines, namely, Economics, Business Management, Statistics and Law. As the University closely keeps up with the demand of economic and social development, actively explores the reform of talents training mode, vigorously promotes the cooperation and integration of education and industries, and largely advances the undergraduate teaching and education, a number of state-of-art textbooks, laboratories and classrooms have been established and 13 programs have been approved as national first-class undergraduate programs including Economics, Finance, Public Finance, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Tourism Management, Logistics, Law, Software Engineering, Business English, Journalism, Leisure Sports. 29 subjects such as Public Finance and Monetary Finance have been accredited as the “Golden subject” at national or provincial level, and 1 national laboratory teaching demonstration center (Hubei University of Economics)has been built.

The University also achieved fruitful results in the coordinated development of scientific research and social service. It adheres to the idea of prioritizing the theoretical research, focusing on applied sciences and modern services, particularly the areas in regional financial development and financial security, carbon emission right trading, modern logistics, water resource preservation and legislation, etc., greatly supported the research platform construction and fruits cultivation. It has established 1 national collaborative innovation center Hubei branch, 1 provincial collaborative innovation center, 7 provincial key research bases of humanities and social sciences, 1 provincial engineering technology research center, 2 Provincial scientific research platforms, and 2 reform think-tank of Hubei provincial Party Committee. There are 14 research organizations that jointly established with government departments. Currently, the University is conducting strategic cooperation with Jingzhou, Huanggang and other 6 areas. In the past 5 years, 137 projects in HBUE have gained supports from National Natural Science Fund, National Humanities and Social Science Fund or MOE’s Humanities and Social Science Fund, among them 50 are awarded scientific research medals at ministerial or provincial level. 52 research reports have been instructed by leaders from central, ministerial or provincial governments. A number of research results are directly transformed into national and local policies or government planning and decision-making.Today, HBUE is holding a new posture to hold high the great banner of Xi Jingping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly grasp the core of talent cultivation capability, strengthen the connotation construction, and comprehensively promote the construction of a distinctive high-level university of finance and economics.

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