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Water Margins 01 ~ Picture-Story Book

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Five thousand years of Chinese history is also the history of Chinese civilization. It is like a bright treasure house of civilization, providing wisdom and strength for future generations.
China’s four classic literary masterpieces are the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation and also the pearl in the history of Chinese literature. For thousands of years, it has been deeply loved by the masses of the people and has become a household name and a work that has been handed down through the ages, and has also had a profound impact on Chinese culture.


The Outlaws of the Marsh came into being in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty. It is generally believed that the author was Shi Naian and Luo Guanzhong, who were re-created on the basis of the related script and story. The whole book describes the peasant uprising in the Song Dynasty. The statue created many heroes such as Li Kui, Wu Song, Lin Chong, Lu Zhishen, and exposed the corruption and cruelty of the feudal ruling class. The plot of the story is tortuous, and the characters are distinct, with high artistic achievements.


During the reign of Jiayou in the Song Dynasty, the world was plagued and countless soldiers and civilians died.


2 Emperor Renzong sent the imperial envoy, Hong Xin, to Longhu Mountain in Xinzhou, Jiangxi Province to invite the heavenly master to come to Beijing to protect the people.


3 On the way up the mountain, Captain Hong met a Taoist boy who played a flute and rode a cow. He asked him where the celestial master was. The Taoist boy said that the celestial master had arrived in Tokyo by crane. Captain Hong was surprised.


4 When Captain Hong returned to the Shangqing Palace, the abbot said that the Taoist was the Heavenly Master.

5 洪太尉到处参观来到“伏魔之殿”见殿门锁着上面贴着数十道封皮,住持真人说:“里面锁着魔王万万开不得。”

5 After visiting the “Demon Subduing Hall”, Captain Hong saw that the door was locked and dozens of covers were pasted on it. The real abbot said, “The Devil King cannot be opened.”


Captain Hong refused to listen to that and forced the abbot to unlock the lock.

7住持只好打开殿门只见殿中央有一石碑上写“遇洪而开”。洪太尉大喜说:“你看,这不是让我打开吗? 過洪兩開

7 The abbot had to open the door of the hall and saw a stone tablet in the center of the hall that said “Open in case of flood”. Captain Hong said with great joy, “You see, isn’t it for me to open it


8 Captain Hong ordered someone to put down the stone tablet and reveal a cave. There was only a loud noise and a black smoke rose from the sky.


The real man said, “There are one hundred and eight devils locked here, including thirty-six Tiangang stars and seventy-two Disha stars. If they are released today, they will surely cause disaster.”


When he arrived at Song Zhezong, a dissolute disciple Gao Qiu came out of Kaifeng Mansion. He could play football and even flatter the horse. He worked as a chaperone in the mansion of Emperor Jinqing.

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